Peter Bleksley – From Undercover Cop To Hunted And Hunter

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The Revitalization Blueprint – Peter Bleksley



Today’s guest on the podcast is former undercover cop, Scotland Yard detective, author and head of Channel 4’s Hunted – Peter Bleksley talking about his career and his latest book ‘To Catch A Killer’ which can be purchased here

Peter Bleksley’s books have sold thousands of copies with this being his third after his autobiography ‘The Gangbuster’ and the second Peter Bleksley book ‘On The Run’. I recommend them all as great reads to purchase off of Amazon. 

You can also catch Channel 4’s Hunted on Thursday nights, Peter Bleksley is going to be making sure those pesky fugitives don’t stay on the run for too long.

Question: If you were on Channel 4’s Hunted and had to run from Peter Bleksley, what would be your plan?

In the show Peter and Ollie discuss some amazing topics including:

– How Peter go into the police force and subsequently into the undercover side.
– The lengths that he went to in order to protect his cover with some of the world’s most dangerous gangsters.
– How it felt to stare down the barrel of a sawn off shotgun held by an escaped prisoner.
– What it is like to actually be fearless.
– The feelings towards the informants which the job relied on.
– Thoughts towards the modern day police force.
– How it felt to have a price put on your head and having to go into witness protection in an instant and the breakdown which happened after leaving the force following on from here.
– The Alastair Wilson murder which is discussed in the book and how Peter will solve it.
– How the Hunted show came about and who would he like to Hunt down in the future.

This is one of the shows which I will be looking forward to listening to multiple times, it’s one you should not miss (we all say that at one point or another). We could literally have had this go on for 2-3 hours and if there is call for it I am certain we could record another.

Who would you like to see Ollie interview on the podcast?

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