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It’s time to reclaim your energy, your focus, and your happiness
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You can’t remember the last time you felt good in your body

Let’s face it: living in this world isn’t always easy. If you’re like most of my clients, you always put your children first, you’re consistently over-delivering at the office, and whatever energy you have left goes into caring for friends and family… meaning there’s no time left to care for yourself.

Eventually, you forget what it feels like to not exist in a state of stress, focusing seems downright impossible, headaches are a daily event, and you can’t seem to sleep through the night–you’re always tired.

Why can’t you find this ever-elusive “balance” everyone talks about? And then you start to wonder if this is just how life is.

You know something has to change…

…but you don’t have an extra 30 hours a week to spend in the gym, and you’re not eager to adopt a diet of nothing but boiled broccoli all day, every day.  It’s even more frustrating when you’ve tried all of the diets and nothing seems to work long-term.

I hear you!

The good news: I’m here to help you manage your stress, reduce inflammation, say goodbye to brain fog, feel beautiful in your body, and regain the energy to fully enjoy your life–without bizarre diets or making the gym your second home.

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Health means so much more than just weight loss and fitness

I’m Ollie Matthews, a fully Licensed Health Practitioner (ICHM SNHS dip), nutritional therapist and holistic health coach with more than 13 years of experience in the fitness industry.

I’m also a hip-hop enthusiast and a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan (in case you were wondering: Donatello all day, every day). Oh, and even though I’m a health and fitness pro? Nachos are life!

But most importantly: I’m not here for any of these “get fit quick” schemes. Instead, I’m here to help you discover what works for you.


How Much Is Brain Fog Costing You In Your Business & Relationships?

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Life isn’t much fun if you look good but feel horrible, is it?

This is about so much more than building a “diet” or simply appearing “in shape.” It’s about you living your life in a way that helps you feel your best. 

That’s why when we work together, we’ll design a plan based on three primary pillars–a plan specifically for you and your goals:



Because the internal emotional work is just as important as the physical exercise!


A customised plan that works for you

→ A nutrition plan that isn’t agony to follow
→ Movement that supports your goals without stressing your body



Regular check-ins and accountability to help keep you moving forward

Ready to reclaim your energy, your focus and your happiness?

“I’ve reduced my blood sugar levels, I’ve had much more energy, I’ve improved my nutrition, and I’ve been feeling great. I highly recommend The Female Health Reboot! Ollie really knows his stuff.”

Gemma Sandwell

Mindfulness Teacher & Coach, The Happiness Branch

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, hiring Ollie allowed me to give my wife the best 10-year anniversary present ever, the guy she married 10 years ago. 40lbs was dropped in 6 months”

Rick Barker

Taylor Swift's Former Manager, The Music Industry Blueprint

Like an angel out of the sky I met Ollie and he’s designed a plan customized to what works for me as an entrepreneur, getting my work done, growing my business and getting in shape.

You have changed my life

Ron Reich

High Level Business Coach,

Ollie concentrates on the mindset more than the activities like training because the mind is the basis for all success in body, mind, relationships and business, as Ollie preaches: Your body is your business.

My twin brother Scott Kuhn joined Ollie’s program and has dropped 40 pounds (in 90 days) with no training, incredible, this spurns me on too, trying to stay ahead of him! (Classic twin rivalry!)

I truly believe, without a doubt that Kata (my wife), Lane (my business partner), Ollie and Scott are the reason I am here right now, here at this mindset, physical shape and positive beliefs.”

Steven Kuhn

High End Business Coach,

“I got better results in 6 months working with Ollie than in 20 years through conventional doctors”


Endurance Athlete

“The way Ollie looks at things–the mindset as well as the nutrition and the science–really spoke to me. At the end of the Female Health Reboot, I feel much more informed about sleep, gentle exercise, the impact of glucose, stress, and all of those things I hadn’t considered to be contributing to my weight and overall health.


University Lecturer

“I realized my health is essential to keep going as an entrepreneur.

I was able to get up earlier, work longer and drop 20lb of ugly body fat lickety split” 

Dan Gallapo

Marketing Expert,

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