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Finally support your hormones, reclaim your energy and master your health

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Can you remember the last time you felt good in your body?

Let’s face it: living in this world isn’t always easy.

If you’re like most of my clients, you always put your children first, you’re consistently over-delivering at the office, and whatever energy you have left goes into caring for friends and family… meaning there’s no time left to care for yourself even though you see the signs your body is burning out over and over again.

Signs such as waking through the night, struggling to focus, migraines, headaches, fatigue, cold hands and feet, hormone imbalances, early menopause, heavy periods and hair falling out to name a few, all alongside snapping at those closest to you for no good reason.

Eventually, you forget what it feels like to not exist in a state of stress, focusing seems downright impossible, those symptoms are a daily event–you’re always tired.

Why can’t you find this ever-elusive “balance” everyone talks about? And then you start to wonder if this is just how life is.

The OJay
Health Approach

At OJay Health we believe health is an individual process, what works for you won’t necessarily work for the next person and we need to devise a specific approach to account for that.

Looking through your whole life history that has made you the amazing individual you are today and piecing the puzzle together to finally support your hormones, improve your gut health, get you sleeping through the night, rejuvenating your energy and allow you to feel amazing again.

The Story Behind The Site


Meet Your COach

Ollie Matthews is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist, Health Coach (ICHM, SNHS Dip, Adv Dip), Elite Trainer, Author and International Speaker.

Starting in the fitness industry in 2006 but quickly transitioned into the health world working with high achieving entrepreneurs, busy professionals, celebrities and world champion athletes in over 25 different countries on the impact stress has on their day to day life.

Over this time he has become an expert on hormones, brain function, gut health and sleep, especially spotting what these things have to do with the stress we face day to day in the world we live BEFORE they take you from dysfunction to disease.

Using functional medicine, nutrition therapy, mindset and movement Ollie’s approach is unlike no other around combining everything you need to truly go from being the high achiever to a true ‘high performer’ hitting peak performance and reclaiming your energy.

Most importantly: It is Ollie’s job to know exactly where your body, your brain and therefore your central nervous system actually are and work with you in at the exact the speed needed to get your body thriving without any overwhelm.



Using ‘state of the art’ questionnaires to check your symptoms and see exactly where your body is currently at.


Full, backed by science testing that will stop us guessing and build the perfect protocol to support your needs.


We find exactly what your body needs to thrive with nutrition and supplement protocols that work.


What gets measured, gets managed, regular check-ins and health coaching to support you on your journey and keep you on track.



  • Regular check in via an app
  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidelines
  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • This is for those who have completed Signature of VIP and want less contact but accountability


(our most popular package)

  • Full health screening with brain and gut questionnaires
  • Onboarding call up to 60 minutes
  • Regular check in via app
  • Monthly coaching calls to keep progress flowing
  • Fully personalised supplement and nutrition recommendations
  • Functional testing recommendations and interpretation
  • Minimum 3 month commitment


  • Full health screening with brain and gut questionnaires
  • Onboarding call up to 60 minutes
  • Regular check in via app
  • Monthly meet up anywhere in England
  • Fully personalised supplement and nutrition recommendations
  • Functional testing recommendations and interpretation
  • Minimum 3 month commitment


Why people love working with OJay Health

“I have found managing the menopause symptoms quite the challenge and it has coincided with a very busy time in my career. A Theatre run, a new album and all the corresponding promotional work that goes along with it.

James and Ollie at Project Time have helped me to get some stability with my well-being, using different combinations of supplements to optimise and energise me so I could perform at my best and most effective level.

I was keen to look into a more holistic and natural way of supporting myself while I was going through such a busy time. I was aware that the stress that comes with being in demand would deplete my body of the nutrients it needed to function properly. James and Ollie identified where the shortfall and weaknesses were using blood and urine tests; based on the results they then created a specialised program of supplements including lifestyle tweaks for me to implement into my life.

I’m so glad that I could use Project Time when I needed it the most.”

*Ollie worked with Beverley alongside business partner James O’Keefe in through their collaboration ‘Project Time’

Beverley Knight - MBE

Olivier Award Winner, Singer, Songwriter & Actress

“Thank goodness I hired Ollie, I felt like I
didn’t have time to start new health habits and what I learned was all the different ways I was stressing my body that I wasn’t aware. We looked at a hollistic view of my life from food, family life and everything else.”

Jeanna Gabellini

Master business coach, Masterpeace Coaching

Like an angel out of the sky I met Ollie and he’s designed a plan customized to what works for me as an entrepreneur, getting my work done, growing my business and getting in shape.

You have changed my life

Ron Reich

High Level Business Coach, RonReich.com

“I had the pleasure of working with Ollie for just over 3 months. I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. I was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of control with my diet. We got an easy to achieve plan in place with just the right amount of accountability. He is so incredibly knowledgable “

Lucy Simkins

Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Influencer, English With Lucy

“Working with Ollie for the past 4 months and
I have just come back from my wedding dress
fitting, I have lost 8 inches from my body. It
has happened imperceptively whilst still
drinking wine and eating curry. With Ollie It’s
been fun to work with him, really enjoyable,
no-nonsense, I’m a calmer, happier person.”

Helen (Pritchard) Tudor

Business Coach, LinkedIn Expert www.helenpritchardonline.com

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, hiring Ollie allowed me to give my wife the best 10-year anniversary present ever, the guy she married 10 years ago.

40lbs was dropped in 6 months”

Rick Barker

Taylor Swift's Former Manager, The Music Industry Blueprint

Ollie concentrates on the mindset more because the mind is the basis for all success in body, mind, relationships and business, as Ollie preaches: Your body is your business.

My twin brother Scott Kuhn joined Ollie’s program and has dropped 40 pounds (in 90 days).

I truly believe, without a doubt that Kata (my wife), Lane (my business partner), Ollie and Scott are the reason I am here right now.”

Steven Kuhn

High End Business Coach, Steven-Kuhn.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or want to find out more?

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn about the benefits of functional health work and what you can expect from signing up to OJay Health.

What is functional medicine, and how does it differ from traditional medicine?

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying factors contributing to health problems. Creating a personalised treatment plan based on a person’s unique genetic makeup, environment, lifestyle, and nutrition. Unlike traditional medicine, which often focuses on symptom management, functional medicine aims to restore balance and support the body’s natural healing processes, so that you can finally get the results you’ve been working toward.

Is Functional Health Coaching a replacement for medical treatment?

No, Functional Health Coaching is not a substitute for medical treatment. A functional health coach complements traditional medical care by addressing lifestyle factors, nutrition, and overall well-being. They do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications but can often work alongside your medical healthcare provider to support your health journey. However, the additional 1-1 health screening and test reviews service will give you a better understanding of your current health and performance, and any specific areas that need improving.

Is Functional Health Coaching only for people with health issues?

No, Functional Health Coaching is beneficial for people at any stage of health—whether they have existing health issues or are simply looking to improve their overall wellness and quality of life.

Do you need a gym membership to join?

No, we will be working on your lifestyle routine, improving your sleep, gut health and hormones. Many client have their own personal trainer or go to the gym alongside this to improve results. Specific workout programming is available at an additional monthly fee.

I am a complete beginner to health, can I still join?

We are working on overall health here, we will take you from where you’re at with the commitments we make on our calls and make sure you’re able to commit to them throughout each month. That’s why we use our app to regularly send messages to keep you accountable and make the small changes add up.

How do I know if Functional Health Coaching is right for me?

If you are looking to optimise your health, address specific health concerns, or adopt a holistic approach to well-being, Functional Health Coaching might be a great fit for you. Book in for a free Health Strategy Session to discuss more.

Book in for a free health strategy session now