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Do You Have That Terrible Feeling Your Brain Isn’t Working as Well as It Used To?

And are you tired much of the time with no energy for anything — even though you’ve had enough sleep — 

And then you’re all jacked up when it’s time to go to bed?

If so, you’ve got what doctors call “brain fog.” The good news is we have a proven program that will not only help you get rid of brain fog quickly, it will supercharge your mental abilities, restore your focus, and replenish your body’s energy.

This new program is called the 21-Day Brain Fog Blitz

Did you know Brain Fog is one of the main signs your body is burning out from sustained stress, poor body maintenance and lack of self-care?

Other common signs are…

  • Migraines & Headaches

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Waking up during the night

  • Insomnia

  • Waking with low energy & afternoon energy dips

  • Poor memory

  • Constantly getting sick

  • Struggling to drop weight

  • Constantly craving food

  • Irritability and lashing out at loved ones

  • Getting acid reflux

A lot of these symptoms can be chalked up to getting older, but when you have several of them at once…


That’s burn out.

Let me tell you


Just because something is COMMON DOES NOT MAKE IT NORMAL

No matter how old you are, you CAN have more clarity

You CAN feel more energy throughout the day

You CAN gain greater focus

You CAN increase your sex drive

You CAN improve your motivation and moos


It’s not your fault, it’s just the accumulated result of a few bad habits.

And the good news is that with a few strategic tweaks, you can crush brain fog and stop feeling burnt out at the same time.


With the Blitz you are going to feel ridiculously good in just 21 days using tested methods that have been successfully implemented by over 2000 clients including high achieving entrepreneurs and world champion athletes in 26 different countries over the last 16 years.

In the 21-Day Brain Fog Blitz you will discover:

  • The simple 3-step strategy to maintain your focus and concentration throughout the entire afternoon without having to drown your body in coffee (You’ll amaze your employees, business partners, and even yourself with the amount of work you get done each day)
  • Why waking up for the toilet in the night is playing havoc with your attention span (Though great news: You’ll soon be sleeping like a lion when you do this little-known “sleep hack”)
  • The shocking science behind why working first thing in the morning is causing you a ton of unnecessary stress, especially when you stack that morning coffee on top (Even if you think yo’re a “morning person,” I guarantee you’ll get more done at this specific time)
  • How to truly structure your day (For more energy, less anxiety and more solid sleep)
  • Why it’s simply NOT normal to lose you renergy in the afternoon (When you understand this you’ll never have to rely on caffeine or sugar)


And not only that…

Our 21-day program is structured to make sur eyou can easily reach peak performance in a way that you’ve never achieved before.



  • Learn the tried and tested method to set up your nutrition to always get results, even if you’re travelling multiple times each month.
  • Find out exactly which foods are the trojan horse to your health and actually increase your brain fog.
  • Discover the biggest biohack that everybody overlooks to improve your brain function instantly.
  • Learn why fats are not the demons they’ve been made out to be and could be the missing link to clearing your brain fog and stopping you burning out
  • Explore how to truly optimize your morning routine in order to get energy throughout the day without that afternoon dip
  • Develop a perfect structure to sleep through the night without waking up or feeling groggy first thing
  • Find the ways to truly get control over caffeine and alcohol to thrive and still have your drink.



  • Find out the exact supplements you need and the right time to take them to get the most from your efforts
  • How do you truly set yourself up to make this a lifestyle and be able to get to masterminds, events and vacations without having to miss out on the fun.
  • Be able to use technology as your friend and not just a dopamine reward system.
  • Find the hidden benefits and practice to having a rock solid mindset to help your brain fog.

Super Early Bird Offer

  • Right now you won’t just get access to the course. Until launch day of 3rd October 2022, the price is reduced from $97 to just $77.
  • Not only that you get access to my client only Facebook group to ask questions throughout your journey
  • And until September 18th, anyone who commits, ready to blitz their brain fog will get a free 30 minute call with Founder Ollie Matthews to discuss anything that comes up throughout and truly solidify your health. (Calls must be booked in by end of October 22 and used by end of November 22) – Usually $500

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