How Can I Naturally Boost Testosterone Over 40?

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Writing this article specifically for over 40s, the problem is, in the world we live in now I guarantee that the guys having the problems in another decade or so will mean this article will be for over 30s, then who knows where from there.

The modern world seems to be pushing male testosterone levels lower and lower due to multiple different factors, so much so that our fathers, their fathers and then fathers too (we could continue) all would have had higher testosterone levels than us, all sorts of things cause this, stress, food, alcohol consumption, lower activity levels and many more. This article is going to show you how you can increase your testosterone levels without having to resort to exogenous hormone use.

Testosterone is an amazing hormone, it literally can help multiple people by increasing this one hormone specifically especially stressed out, hustling and successful entrepreneurs, it will help not just boost your muscle mass if training correctly but boost your vitality, confidence, sex drive and even lower depression levels all at the same time as boosting your bottom line through the extra focus and performance you have in your business.

There’s a problem when we age as standard, your levels of naturally occurring testosterone decrease by around 1% per year once you hit 30, meaning by the time you hit 40 it’s gone down around 10% for the average male, potentially more if the following lifestyle factors aren’t even starting to be put into place, you can also look to lessen the decrease by being on point with the following 6 points I talk about in this article.

Is this just an article for me? No, it is going to apply to women however the society we are in will soon veer towards testosterone being a male hormone and due to the levels being higher in us guys, we will notice the lowered levels as we age and get more stress a lot sooner than females in most cases.


1. Exercise and lift weights.

There’s no other way around the best way people have found to boost testosterone levels naturally at any age. Lifting weights is not only a great way to boost testosterone but also can help prevent multiple lifestyle diseases including diabetes and thyroid issues amongst some arthritis problems.

Research has stated that lifting weights can be more beneficial for increasing testosterone than weight loss diets in obese men, imagine what happens when you combine the two.

You can add certain cardio protocols in order to aid the boost of testosterone such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


2. Eat real food.

I was having a discussion whilst taking a client through my Revitalization Blueprint Intensive program today, the quality of food pretty much in the entire western diet has lowered in it’s quality levels to the point it’s actually got a massive potential to lower your testosterone in itself.

The quick fix society we live in makes people want quick results and this then also comes into the mix with diet strategies, low calorie diets and large levels of restriction have seen people stress themselves out even more and lower their testosterone levels as a result of under fuelling their body.

Also, there is a big myth around and a hate society to carbs growing, carbohydrates can help boost your natural testosterone levels when added to your lifting routine along with both protein and fats, getting a balanced nutritional protocol, eating all three main macronutrients in the correct amounts will guarantee a solid foundation for boosting your testosterone levels, if you need help getting this in place with your crazy schedule, message me now.


3. Lower your stress levels.

Again, modern society, building your successful business and having the health of your family as a priority can stress you out, I know first hand what stress can do and how it can tear apart families at a blink of an eye, my father had a stress induced migraine quickly turn to a stroke and passed away when I was just 15 years old, he was 47, all while aiming to provide for his family, there was no warning here, just a hard working hustle mentality to provide for his family.

Stress in our lives boosts the stress hormone, cortisol, higher levels of this hormone will quickly reduce your testosterone levels which has a vicious chain reaction on your health by pushing you to increase your food intake, increase your weight gain and internal fat levels around your vital organs which also will hit your testosterone levels right where it hurts.

Look to reduce the stressful situations in your life, meditatie, journal, get less stress in your diet by eating single ingredient whole foods consistently, all these things will help you reduce stress and improve the balance of testosterone to cortisol in your life.


4. Boost your vitamin D intake.

I love vitamin D, it’s amazing and something will put into pretty much all client plans at the start depending on where they live and their lifestyle, especially if it’s an entrepreneur who’s hustling behind a desk or an online business day in day out, we want to get the vitamin D in there.

Shown to have massive impact on your immune system, bone health and overall vitality, vitamin D has also been seen to help you improve your natural testosterone levels at the same time, even marked as a natural testosterone booster by people all around the world.

As a marker, in the US over half of the population are deficient and even more are below optimal when it comes to their vitamin D levels which is crazy when you see how high the exposure of sunlight can also be in the US.

I would look to get training outside, walk in the sun and boosting your intake by supplementing with at least 3000iu, usually 5000iu to begin with per day, you will notice a boost in your wellbeing real quickly.


5. Increase your sleep quality and duration.

Sleep is what I have been known to nickname ‘the 4th macronutrient’ (technically it would be 5th after alcohol – yes, alcohol is a macronutrient) and when I have been asked how can I naturally boost my testosterone levels it is the first thing I will look at which can be switched up positively real quickly.

Studies have shown that sleeping for 6 hours or less for even just 2 weeks can lower your testosterone levels by around 10 to 15%, research has shown that between 7 and 10 hours is best for your long term health.

Not just sleeping will be answer, good quality sleep with a real good routine pre-sleep which will allow you to get into a deeper, more recovery promoting level of sleep, switching technology off an hour or two before bed, getting a late bath in to relax you and meditation will help you switch off from the stress you’ve had throughout the day, start to get the routine on point and you will boost your testosterone levels real easy.

6. Add natural testosterone boosters.

All else fails you can look to add a booster into your diet, not exogenous hormones but natural testosterone boosters which have studies to prove they will have a positive impact on your testosterone levels.

Three things which have been shown to boost testosterone are ashwagandha, horny goat weed and ginger root extract.

Ashwagandha has been shown to boost testosterone levels by 15% alongside lowering cortisol by over 20% in some cases, ginger root around 17% (this study was done on animals as opposed to healthy males).

I would always look to implement the other 5 points here before number 6 way before purchasing these supplements and if you already are in a healthy place with your testosterone levels these aren’t shown to boost them further.


There we have it, testosterone can be boosted, naturally even if you’re over 40 and a successful entrepreneur. Follow these tips and I know you’ll get some amazing results. If you do need any help with implementation, or more specifically to get a plan with the most impactful accountability you will ever have, drop me a message and we can chat now.