Have You Got The Stress Stomach?

by Fat Loss, Nutrition Tips, Psychology, Sleep

The Stress Stomach Is A Thing

It’s something which we think won’t hit us and it creeps up, pushing your health to the side while hustling in the business of being an entrepreneur

Before you know it, you’re so far behind where you WISH you were with health, energy, focus, body fat, to the point you don’t see any return

You blame the middle aged speed
You blame the lowered testosterone levels
You blame your schedule
You blame your partner

But in order to move forward the responsibility has to be on you, on you to get your health in check and develop the focus, energy, the confidence that will propel not just yourself but your business

Your relationships

In the right direction

Most of the things I do seem to be easy, it’s not written down in a plan it’s developed through relationships built up in conversation

Yes my clients will get some documents detailing movement practices, nutrition guidance to get their brain functioning at an optimised level

But 60-70% of what I do is melting your Stress Stomach without even thinking about calories, macros or exercise

I lower stress
I drop your body fat
I get the results

It’s kind of like I am the cape to the Clark Kent

Together we become your very own superhero…


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