Why Is There So Much To Do To Get Healthy?

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Why Is There So Much To Do In Order To Be Healthy?

Do you ever feel that you really, really, really want to push forward with your health?

But even though, you know, you’ve got maybe a little bit of extra weight that you really, really want to drop.

You’ve tried some different things or, you know, that getting your health on track is going to make you feel so much better.

It’s going to improve your confidence.

It’s going to improve your energy.

It’s going to improve your motivation and it’s going to improve how you actually feel about yourself.

But the problem is when do you think you’re ready to go forward?

You just feel this massive, massive amount of overwhelm.

Now that is actually normal.

And it’s one of the signs that the body really, really need you to change. It needs you to try these little things to move forward with your health, but it can be massively overwhelming because currently you’re here.

You’re at A, and you want to get to Z, but you need to go to B, C, D E F and so on for every single letter.

That is massively overwhelming.

When you think how far you have got to go.

Now, the signs that the body is showing here are high signs of inflammation.

So we look at, have you got brain fog?

Have you got kind of noticeable variations in your mental speed?

So some days you’re really on it.

Some days you just have massive amounts of brain fog, you can’t push through that kind of proverbial brick wall that your brain keeps smashing and hit, you have very low levels of brain endurance.

Even when you have exposure to chemicals.

Think about this one.

If you go and decorate a room, or you go to a field and it’s got loads of chemicals in it, wherever it is, you get exposure to chemicals, your brain health goes down again, or suddenly you get bummed up.

Now, suddenly you start reacting to food.

And then we look into more severe things that people have.

These lonely moods, very low motivation, potentially levels of depression.

And then it comes to sleep. You’re not sleeping through the night. You ended up getting broken sleep, even though you feel you’re eating, okay. You ended up getting broken sleep and you wake up on even those nights.

When you do manage to sleep through the night, you just feel drained.

You’ve not got the energy that you think I slept for eight hours but feeling you need 16, 17 hours to actually recharge and regenerate.

These are all signs that your body is massively inflamed. And then we can look back to things like, have you been hit on the head?

Have you been knocked unconscious and all these different things that show your previous stress levels? And as a result, if you now get stressed, if you now have a trigger, you now have free for five days, you’ve actually been severely, severely fatigued.

It’s a horrible place to be in. And I deal with people that have been in this horrible situation many, many times.

Now I’ll tell you what isn’t going to work. Isn’t going to work. If you go and say straight off, I need to lower my food and increase my energy expenditure, increase my exercise by hard high levels of exercise, especially because chances are, you’ve tried that before.

And it’s just not working for you because we need to get the body into a position where that is going to be healthy for you.

So you can eat a little bit less, move a little bit more, uh, maintain your health and adjust what you see on the scales.

In order to do that, we have to make sure your cells are working properly in order to get your cells work and properly.

We have to make sure you can detoxify in order to be able to detoxify and get rubbish out of your body.

We have to be able to make sure your filtration and your drainage system so we can pick them toxins up and move them around the body where they’re actually able to be detoxified and taken away from the body.

In order to get that drainage and filtration system, we need to make sure your digestion is right.

Good gut health, good gut microbiome, health, and good diversity there. And then in order to do that, we have to make sure your brain is functioning, right?

Because remember your brain is sending signals all over your body and in order to get the best out your health, we need to take those steps back.

And so many people don’t do that, but I know that I guarantee these results in my clients should it because I mean, We tried so many different things in the past.

If someone comes to me, it’s very in a very frustrated state and almost sounds too good to be true, but these are things that’s I look at and something which you might want to do as well is have a look at your brain health and naturally have a full screening for your brain health.

We go into depth with a questionnaire and we see what certain neurotransmitters. So you’ve probably heard of things that stereotype and dove mean things like this and other neuro trends, transmitters.

Are they firing properly?

Are you producing them?

Are you using them correctly?

Are the pathways that lead up to that all working effectively?

Now it sounds complicated, but I sent you the questionnaire and then you dropped me the question at the back and I’ll go through this with you in a very good, clear, informative way. Then also we can look at genetic health, look at your genes. Look at the raw data there. We want to look at your current nutritional protocols.

I didn’t say diet, but that’s what it is.

You’re not going to be dieting.

We want to work on what your diet is actually consisting of. Look at your nutrition, look at the history. What things have actually been pointed out, uh, kind of suggest is your body making for us when it comes to the food that you eat, then we look at their history.

We look at your lifestyle and your current stresses. Now, right now you may not be feeling stress.

But right now, if you’re in your thirties, in your forties, in your fifties, sixties, wherever it is, wherever you are. Right now your current place, your body is at has been made up from all these things that made you the amazing person you are today.

You’ve probably gone through a lot of stresses. You’ve probably been exposed to a lot of chemicals.

There may have been some trauma in your life, and I’m really hope there wasn’t, but there may well have been. And we think that we’ve dealt with it back here, but in all honesty, we need to move forward with it and be able to get your body to deal with that stress.

You might think, hang on, I’ve dealt with that.

Your body is still holding onto that at a chemical level, a homeowner level. So we’re looking into all these different things in your body is going to be showing signs of distress in so many different ways. It might be a skin isn’t as good as skin health.

Is it as good as it was? Your hair is thinner or just not the same quality that you used to be? Or it could be, as we said, there’s brain fog, mental fatigue, reactions to food, feeling the project. Feeling low on motivation feeling kind of depressed.

Even when we get to the point where you can’t get your sentences out, the way that you used to, and that can be so, so frustrating for people.

I know.

Now, if you need help with this, drop me a message and we can talk about working with you on your health.

Starting from the top and looking down when it comes to your brain health, when it comes to your gut health and work all the way to get you moving forward once. And for all with your health, have a great day.

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