Why Do I Struggle With Motivation?

by Exercise, Fat Loss, Psychology

Have you struggled with motivation recently?

I have

You see, people wait for that perfect moment to build their motivation up and ‘start’

We’ve all heard there’s no time like the present to start

This is BS if you’re not motivated

But right now you don’t need motivation and that’s just a total cop-out thinking you do

I had to have this word with myself

We could cry about being in lockdown and not able to train the way we want
We could get down about not being able to see people
We could just bury our head in the sand and think nothing is happening

I had three days before I pulled myself together luckily

THREE DAYS of being 100% off track

Yes, this guy who is known for his health and fitness knowledge worldwide went off point

Then I realised

Getting frustrated will frustrate me even more, what’s the little thing I can do, the minimal thing?

That’s where I checked in with myself

Right now I don’t want to train at home – I like the release at the gym and getting out the house
Right now I don’t want to eat healthy – I love a good brownie and some nachos (not at the same time)
Right now I don’t want to ‘just walk’ – I want to push my body on the bike
Right now I don’t want to stick with a routine – I want to complete Resident Evil 3 like I did all those years ago

I could settle and some people have done so, the choice is yours

But I had to realise what I want to be seen as by myself, who I want to be at the end of this

I could just not worry, eat what I want, have anxiety levels through the roof and mess my circadian rhythm up, put on weight, lower my confidence and energy

But when I looked at the amount it would cost me in my business if I did that

The clients who would not sign up

What is ONE client worth to me?

How long does a client stay with me?

How many people does a client refer?

If I did wait until I was motivated I would be in a much worse position

My business couldn’t wait for me to be motivated

My business couldn’t have me doing just the easy stuff

My business needs me to be disciplined

Also, my wife can’t have me waiting until I am motivated

My wife needs me to be disciplined

My family can’t wait until I am motivated
After this my family will need me to have been disciplined

Motivation won’t get you as far as discipline will

And that’s why I am looking for people who want to get their discipline up

Think of what each missed opportunity is costing your business

What is ‘waiting’ for motivation doing for your bank balance and your health?

Let’s talk if this is something you’ve been struggling with