Stop Driving Like A Dick And You’ll Boost Your Energy

by Fat Loss, Nutrition Tips, Psychology

Stop Driving Like A Dick And You’ll Boost Your Energy

How many times have you pushed your luck when driving?

Really pushed it, you’re in your home area, the familiar stress you drive around daily

Pushing the limit a little because you know where the speed cameras are, you know where the cops usually sit on the side ready to catch you

You know it like the back of your hand so you push it every single day

You know which lights you can get away with going through when they’re turning from amber to red, you know where the cameras are all located if you miss the lights

You know the speed limits and you know you can get away with it

Then you’re driving down the highway and something changes

Blue lights are flashing, you hear the sirens, suddenly you get a bit of anxiety

You think they’ve seen you, slow down a little, make sure the phone is in the glove box

You make sure you aren’t jumping the lights

Your seatbelt is fastened and you know you aren’t violating any traffic laws this moment, but did they see you before?

You start to wonder if they caught you changing the track on your phone

You start to wonder if they were hiding then you were doing 35 in a 30, 45 in a 40

They’re after you, second after second getting closer and closer

You’re ready to pull over and start to apologise

You know you’ll get points, a fine, maybe worse, you cannot lose your license

Then they’re right behind you, you stop

What will you tell the Mrs?

They go past

Relieved is an understatement, you pull off again and everything is in check

To the exact speed limit

No phone in sight

Seatbelt fastened

Super cautious at the lights

This lasts for 10 minutes

Then, you’re back to driving like a dick

And THIS is the problem with how you treat your health

You hustle along thinking you won’t break, pushing your luck

But suddenly you actually do get pulled over, have to take time off work, lose a lot of money and are hit hard

If you only focused on NOT driving like a dick with your health in the first place

If you only paid attention when you could

Imagine where you would actually be now…