Right now you’re pushing it, pushing hard and it’s great to see

We have momentum but this is when it really matters

It matters that these times when you feel you want to quit, you push on

And that’s where picking the right methods for you is crucial

You can get into beast mode all you want but is that going to be sustainable day in day out?

You can set to hit it hard and sprint day in day out but is that sustainable?

It’s good to push hard at the beginning, when motivation is high

But what about when it fades?

When it’s raining, you don’t want to get out of bed

You want to eat crap

That’s when you need the accountability


A plan that doesn’t make you tired, a plan that meets your schedule, a plan that is specific to you⠀

If you’ve gone all out, cool, but Mo Farah doesn’t sprint a marathon, if he went full Usain Bolt he wouldn’t get to the end

And sprinting is what is causing so many people to slow down, eventually to stop, get demotivated and quit

The biggest tip I ever got, apart from hire a coach and listen specifically to the advice you’ve paid for implementing it every single day is to go at your own pace.

A pace you can enjoy it, be present and not actually try too hard

You can push in a session or two, but going all out balls to the wall isn’t going to get you sustainable results, there’s a time and a place, but not every single day.

Want sustainability where you can actually live a life?

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