Because Only Pussy’s Let Themselves Burnout

by Fat Loss, Psychology, Sleep

Burnout Is Real

Especially in the busy world we live in, people everywhere seem to be suffering and it can cause irreversible problems with your health.

Trouble is, we usually don’t know it until it’s too late

Here are 10 things you can do to stop burnout before it’s an issue


1| Put yourself first

Give yourself a break, people are so busy right now they forget about the most important person in their lives, themselves. We have family to look after, jobs to attend, houses to upkeep and many more things on our plate that we usually get pushed to the side.

Make time for you to just chill, relax, meditate, watch Bridget Jones (what?), move, so many things you can do in order to take your mind off of the life you’re living in, if you feel you haven’t got 30 minutes to sit back then you probably need to take 60 minutes.


2| Get your exercise in.

Well that was an obvious one given what I do but honestly, it is so important to get your exercise in, get some resistance training, boost your heart rate a couple times a week and you will reap the benefits of this, more focus, lowered levels of stress, lowered body fat levels and even be able to eat more food (always nice).


3| Have perspective.

If you’re anything like me, you are going to be damn harsh on yourself a lot, you’re successful but the reason for this usually is you’re always striving for more. This is good to move forward but it means we usually don’t step back to realize how far we have come already, take myself for example, the other day I was frustrated that I wasn’t further ahead then I realized I have been in this industry for 12 years, have an international best selling book on Amazon, have helped 1000s of clients personally along with millions impacted around the world from my content all from just being me making a decision to get healthy nearly 13 years ago, that’s powerful.


4| Take multiple vacations.

You’re successful, take a vacation, or three. We think that to be successful you’ve got to be switched on all the time, usually this will lead to burnout, the sprint cannot be maintained. When you’re at a point you want to cruise for a week or two then take a vacation, enjoy the time before pushing on ahead once again. Your family will thank you for it.


5| Schedule in MADNESS

People forget about having madness in their lives, if you’ve read my best selling book (second plug) ‘The One Day Body Upgrade’ then you will know I mean ‘fun’. I hear many entrepreneurs and busy CEOs talk about fun time as slacking, not being dedicated to the cause. One of my first business coaches noticed this and realized I had to be able to switch off and he actually forced me to use some of the money he’d help me earn to go and purchase a PS4, good choice, just don’t go fully the other way.


6| Don’t only set business goals.

Goals are great to have with your business, get to this amount of clients, hit this amount of revenue, impact this amount of people BUT we forget to look back and take note for what we want to achieve in our personal life too. Michael Hyatt talks about this in his book ‘Best Year Ever’ and gets you setting personal goals such as a streak of meditation, a certain amount of date nights per week, hitting a fat loss goal or simply getting to a certain amount of soccer games per season.


7| Have sensory deprivation time.

It’s getting more and more popular now, you know that because my home town of Norwich is the last place to get anything – we have a place you can subscribe and get Epsom Salt baths (magnesium salt baths) to help you rejuvenate regularly.


8| Start your morning routine the night before.

The entrepreneur world is filled with people talking about the most optimal morning routine but I am a massive believer that this actually starts the night before in order to get the most out of the sleep you are about to get.

Here’s what I suggest:

2 hours before bed – no more work and possibly last small snack

1 hour before bed – no more screen time or water

30 minutes before bed – read a book

You will usually find you’re able to get into a much deeper sleep by doing this, yes sometimes we will have to go into ‘hustle’ mode meaning we will stay up real late but it doesn’t have to be the majority of the time.



Yes, just fucking laugh, dance, mess around sometimes. Try this, put on Pharrell Williams’ Happy on and just dance around for 30 seconds, I guarantee you chill out a bit.


10| Remember your why and keep reminding yourself with everything you do

This is big, we get caught up pretty quickly in life, just taking action for no apparent reason. Each morning I look into my journal and the first page has my overall why but also on each day I want to make sure things are in alignment. If I am taking a trip somewhere I want to know why. If I am doing a gym session, why? If I am writing this article, why?


Look to remember these ten things, implement them before it’s too late, I guarantee you will lower the risk of burnout, probably earn more in the long run, no, 100% WILL earn more in the long run too.

If you need help implementing this then hit me up to see if you’re a fit for my online coaching