Why Not Just Hire A Local Trainer?

by FAQ, Fat Loss, Psychology

There are so many options now and it seems like everyone is a personal trainer, stepping into a gym there are multiple options to hire someone to be your professional ‘counter’ and make sure you’re getting the work done you need to be doing.

I started just like this, it was cool at first but it didn’t allow me to work with clients how I wanted to do so, it didn’t allow me to get the results I wanted to get as part of an individual’s team that I knew I was able to get by going online.

As an entrepreneur, ok, let me rephrase that, as a successful entrepreneur you have a busy schedule, client calls, teams to manage, copy to sign off, social media to work on, projects to manage and a hell of a lot more alongside making sure you are in the right place for your epic mastermind you signed up for to take your business to the next level, you don’t want to always have to travel to the same gym on the schedule of the same personal trainer who just doesn’t get it when he says

‘push, let’s go beast mode, these are the reps that count, ain’t nuttin’ to it but to do it’

You’re in the gym for an hour (let me tell you though, a lot of my clients don’t even want to do that hence designing multiple bodyweight workouts which can get some great optimization in 15-20 minutes at home, your office, your hotel room, on the beach, wherever the laptop lifestyle takes you) you book in with the busy PT at a time which does actually suit you, it’s cool while it works.

Then, you have a question 4 hours after your session? You’re invited to a client meeting for dinner, what should you choose on the menu? Where is that trainer now?

Another scenario, you’re booked in for a session, you get a last minute call, you have a couple fires you need to put out but you can’t move your session with the PT, you have to cancel it (ok the money lost isn’t an issue) but now you can’t get that session in with him later in the day because he is fully booked. If you had your sessions you could either just go later and hit the gym OR get that bodyweight session in within 20 minutes so you get the results, not only that BUT the extra energy means the fires are instantly put out, your brain is functioning on an epic level, you hit up a post on LinkedIn and now, now you have a new client all signed up too.

Let’s look at your travel schedule, you have a trip coming up, you’ll be away for 8 weeks, busy, you may or may not get to a gym, what good is it having that trainer at that one location who knows the gym he works at inside out, what about being able to get some bodyweight sessions in, better yet, I have had clients simply give me the hotel location and I have found places, emailed ahead and booked guest passes, looked at equipment and got the sessions loaded ready to go, add that to the local facilities when it comes to staying as on point as you need on a business trip with your nutrition to optimize everything and get the most out of your travel.

I need to note here, your vacations are simply that, a vacation, I like clients to enjoy them, but being able to message through the vacation just as an update I have had people drop weight whilst being able to enjoy some damn good food while travelling, it’s a no-brainer for everyone who signs up.

It’s great having someone there face to face in the gym but it’s better to have a guide with you pretty much whenever you need it who works with successful people just like yourself day in day out.

Take Revitalization Blueprint client Adam Lundquist and what he states about why he signed up as an online client when in London there are personal trainers on every single corner:

‘For me, it is that it fits my lifestyle. As an Entrepreneur, I travel a lot and that is the best thing about working online. I have been able to get instant answers about nutrition and working out in other countries and how to overcome these objections’

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health optimization, it is one thing doing the workout wherever you decide is best for you to do it and whoever you decide to get you to make sure you’re accountable but the secret (ok I just mentioned it) is not actually just having the correct plan you can follow with flexibility to meet your schedule but the accountability outside of that session at the gym when you need it to make sure you actually do what you say you are going to do.

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