Has Your Body Got The Dash Warning Light On?

by Fat Loss, Psychology

The busy lives we live in it is something we don’t notice but your body may be warning you that it needs an oil top up, or worse, the problem is usually we are either too busy to fix it, try to just simply push it to the side out of sight out of mind style or we simply just don’t even notice until it is too late.

Imagine if you gave your body the self-respect to treat it like a car. You know, that thing which gets you from A to B and you can’t live without, the thing you rely on even on those days when your body is simply too tired to get you where you want to go by walking there, when it’s raining.

You couldn’t go without your car, most of the time.

Why don’t we show our body that same self-respect?

It confuses me when I see people not doing this but I totally get it, I understand as I have done it time and time again, not just when building a successful business coaching clients who literally always do this but also when I was competing in bodybuilding and pushing through little niggles and injuries which did in the end lead to bigger issues. What happens if we don’t get the car serviced? Even the cam belt too, I say this from experience, it snapped broke 8 of the 16 valves and needed a new car which then took 2 months to deliver, I was kind of stuck.

When we see a warning light on the dash we take note. We get cars serviced, we get oil changes and even an MOT is the legal requirement for the cars to remain on the road, let alone having insurance, we HAVE to have these things. Why don’t you take as much care of your body?

One reason.

It is easy not to and actually hard to do so, simple.

It requires effort and will take a little time, may even require a little financial investment but what is the ultimate cost if your body goes the same way as my cam belt, the heart snaps? Let’s not even go there.

What is stopping you?

These are some of the main things I find stop people investing in their business and then in italics you will see the response after around 6 weeks of working with someone to this exact same excuse THEY had.


  • I haven’t got the time to sort it

I didn’t realize how much more time I have now there is actually energy and focus in my body!

  • I can’t afford it

I didn’t realize how much more money I would have now I get more done in less time with a lot less mistakes.

  • I don’t feel that bad right now

I thought I felt good now I wake up and don’t need three espressos just to function and have so much more confidence in my body.

  • I am getting it sorted

OK, Ollie, I need your help, it’s taking too much out of my day to even think about going and I am not getting the results (see what I done there?)


It can be a horrible thought especially just as you’re about to take action you will always find 50 excuses that you didn’t think you would have before, suddenly things seem to mean more you would miss and suddenly you have an even busier schedule. This is normal human behaviour when we are about to go out of our comfort zone; it’s the normal reaction until we get into that routine again.

You will have doubt whether it will work, it’s called growth and making sure you are fully aware of the outcome is just going to allow you to push through.

Start off small, the same with services on your car, on a car you may need a full service but the budget only allows for a small one so do that, start with things you can commit to and build up from there.

Then get an MOT, that is the law, accountability to get you taking action, whilst it isn’t against the law to be out of shape, unfit and, unhealthy the accountability will certainly mean you’re able to get further away from that position and treat your body like a well oiled, primed sports car not longer an old banger that has beat itself up through over use.

Do you need more accountability?

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