Is Stress Playing Jenga With Your Health?

by Fat Loss, Psychology, Sleep

Ready To Go Jenga On Your Body?

You’ve played the game, 3 by 3 and stacking the bricks up until it all collapses means you win.⠀

Wrong in the world of being a human and living to thrive

Actually, no, screw thriving, I want you to feel great, have an abundance of energy and focus along with the confidence to be comfortable in your own body

Stress stacking is stopping this

We live in a highly stressed world which stacks stress in all angles

Pushing stress stackers on us left, right and centre

Alarm wakes us – SS 1

Dog barks at his mate out the window – SS 2

Sleep has been pressed and wakes us again – SS 3

Go scrolling and trolling, the bitch from work is watching a lovely sunrise on vacation – SS4

Put eggs on but dogs bark again – SS5

Eggs are now burnt – SS6⠀

You can see how these stack up

Each one by one bringing a brick from the centre of your solid tower to the top until eventually


It collapses to the ground

That’s where we need to see how we can start the day with a fully stacked tower, solid and ready to the stress stackers that get thrown at us⠀


Good nutrition




Breathing exercises


All these things among many more will help you do this

Part of what I do is stress management, a little is making sure you eat correctly and then train right

Once we get this sorted you will find your body will stop holding onto stress AND it will drop fat giving you an extra level of energy⠀

Then that bitch at work will be scrolling seeing how damn epic you are.

Need a push with this and accountability, I guarantee I can do it⠀


your money back