Is A Happy Wife The Key To A Good Life, Health And Poop?

by Fat Loss, Psychology

Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Key To Taking A Poop And Getting More Sex⠀

You know when you get into a relationship⠀

You’re focused on making sure it starts to thrive, doing the good things

Date nights, interaction and intimacy, hugs, kisses, sex in all the positions⠀

The effort is real

The honeymoon period is real

You push and get the return on your investment

After a few years things start to slow down, you have to put in more focus, more energy and it seems like it’s just the same ol’ shit you’re getting out of it

You start to slack and take your foot off the effort pedal

Getting further and further away from the happy wife, happy life scenario

Not just in your relationship but your health too

You stop respecting yourself as much as normal, don’t eat as healthy, start putting in more time into the hustle and grind rather than the bump and grind

Where you were Mr Coffee and poop you’re now lucky if you poop once a week

Even when you do the technical term is more arse piss than poop⠀

Bloated feelings happen and your mood drops to an all time low⠀

The problem is internal, you took the foot off the pedal and slacked with something in your gut, your bacteria balance

Inside the gut we have a massive population of living things both good and bad bacteria which need to be respected in order to keep the ratios more good than bad.

Let’s call these good ‘bacteria wives’⠀

Let’s call the bad bacteria ‘dirty stop outs’

The more time you spend with ‘dirty stop outs’ the less impressed your wives will be

Fuelling the dirty stop outs are bad food choices, high stress, lower sleep and alcohol at high levels.

You get this balance wrong and your wives are going to kick you in the balls stopping you from pooping properly

Damn wives⠀

Now if you fuel the wives, buy them bags, treat them to nice dinners, foot massages, date nights and happy times you get some amazing things happen

The gut starts to thrive, you have more energy as the wives are happy, you have less bloat as the wives are happy, you get more focus, more confidence and as a result you poop more

You’re LITERALLY full of less crap

As a result your actually wife can be happy and you will probably get more sex as a result

All from pooping better