Are You Treating Your Diet Like The Lottery?

by Fat Loss, Psychology

The Lottery Diet…

When was the last time you purchased a lottery ticket and expected to win?⠀

Like really win big, not a scratch card and a couple pounds back⠀


Think back, the answer is pretty much always going to be such a long time ago that you can’t actually remember⠀

Problem is, people do this pretty much every time they start a diet

They have the good intention, have a quick think what they could buy with the jackpot when in the queue at the store⠀

But don’t believe

This isn’t a post about believing in the lottery but it is about believing in yourself

If you don’t feel you can finish and follow through why start?

Usually if this is the feeling then what you’re about to undertake is not specifically designed for your lifestyle

When I say YOUR LIFESTYLE, that’s exactly what I mean⠀

Your tastes

Your schedule

Your favourite exercises

Your relationships and date nights

Your family

Your occupation

Your current stress levels

The list could continue⠀

In fact I’ll let you into a little secret

When one client dropped 40lbs within 6 months of working for me he described my online coaching for busy entrepreneurs as winning the lottery

It was like ‘purchasing a ticket with all 6 winning numbers’

This is what happens when you believe

And it isn’t even on ‘The Secret’ level either⠀

Want to purchase that ticket now?

Let’s talk