How Long Should I Workout For?

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How Long Should You Workout For?⠀

How long is a piece of string?

That’s the real answer, but that’s not the question we need to ask to find the length of that string in reality

Three things need to be asked in order to know what length of time is going to be effective for your workout

  1. What are you working out for?
  2. What do you actually like to do?
  3. What time do you have available?

Firstly, I have had epic results for clients simply working out 10 minutes a day, that’s all they had and we started there in order to look to progress in the future

Build success stackers and decide why you are working out

Improve your health, your focus, increase your energy and confidence alongside pushing your income to new levels oh, and getting more sex, BOOM.


Are you training for a marathon, CrossFit event, a powerlifting meet, show, fight or a triathlon for example, all these things won’t really get results at just 10 minutes a day and will need specific programming to make sure you get the desired results

(note: I have had multiple entrepreneurs compete in these kind of things with success, it can be done if you’re busy, trust me)

If you don’t like training in the gym, don’t, if you don’t like punching people in the face, don’t, if you don’t like running, don’t.

There are multiple ways to skin a cat (wait, Peta are we allowed to say that now?!)

Find what you actually like doing, is it some bodyweight work at home, is it a class, is it a ruck in nature? I will say that if your goal is specific you will probably find there is a little bit of specificity required to get there the most effective and quickest way possible but you can get some great results still if you’re training at home.

Finally, what does your schedule state you can do?

Don’t set yourself up for failure by saying you’re going to train 5 times a week but can only schedule 3 sessions in your diary – side note, these sessions are the most important meetings in your diary, they should take priority if you’re committed to becoming the healthier person you say you want to be.

Find what works for you as an individual

Find a way of getting accountable and build up that consistency

If you need help in this, I am kind of epic at doing what I do, want to know what that is?

What is a ‘Health Optimization Assistant’?

Let’s talk and you’ll find out