How to get your stress under control

by Exercise, Health, Psychology

Do you have bouts where you feel like you’re smashing through everything in your life? 
Your business is going great… 
Your relationship is on point… 
You’re feeling fit and healthy… 
Then suddenly you’re not. 
It really hasn’t taken much to throw you off course either.  
You’ve hit a brick wall and it manifests itself in low motivation. 
Perhaps your skin flares up, you’re feeling anxious, maybe your mood is low. 
This is common for so many of the people I’ve worked with, but it’s not normal. 
It could be a sign that something is going on neurologically.  
Within our brain we have microglial cells – they are basically the immune cells of the brain. 
These clear out a lot of waste but they can get over-stimulated due to your busy lifestyle to
such an extent they become primed glial cells (we don’t want this).  

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It’s at this point when we get knocked off course. 
You might have a bout of brain fog and you find it difficult to get all areas of your life back on track. 
So what happened? 
➡️ Perhaps you over-trained. 

➡️ Perhaps you had too much to drink. 

➡️ Perhaps you’ve had some kind of food intolerance reaction. 

➡️ Perhaps you have mould in your home. 

➡️ Perhaps you hit your head or were knocked out recently. 

➡️ Perhaps it was simply pushing and being ‘on’ for so long that the stress became ‘normal’

It could be so many things and that’s what we need to find out. 
We can work together to make you more resilient and resistant. 
Accountability is so often the key… and I’m starting a 21-day brain fog course in October where we will go through everything to make you more resistant and consistent. 
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You’ll also get a call with me where we can go through exactly what we need to do to get you back to being the absolute best version of yourself. 
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