Are You Ready For The Secret To Results?

by Fat Loss, Psychology

The one every single person keeps looking fof

The magic pill every one wants to take

The one which every single person who has had results used

Here it is

Are you ready?


Yes, consistency gets you results

(I am writing this so I can read it to myself by the way)

I wish it was different but what you do most of the time gets you the result you end up with.

You want to make money, you consistently do the things which get you a promotion, a lead, a freelancing gig/

You want to get followers then you consistently provide content, engage with them and grow it over time.

This is the same thing with health

You want to know how to get fat loss and feel great then you have to be consistent.

That goes not just with movement or exercise but also with food too.

You can train 4 times a week and really bust your ass but if your food isn’t consistently good then you’re going to just undo that hard work.

Same with nutrition, ok the nutrition may make you feel good but if you really want to burn fat and reveal that muscle you have to be consistent with workouts.

If you know what’s going in you can change it.

Tracking food is one way of getting your consistency up and this may require a little more effort at first.

If you do this one day, cool you’re consistent that day but then wondering why you’ve put on weight by only tracking one day is like putting out one post on instagram and expecting to get 10,000 followers back.

Tracking 3 days a week, getting better but you’re still not even tracking 50% of the food.

We’ve said about the mistakes of missing out tracking things like peanut butter or things like that but simply just tracking will allow you to develop a level of consistency and awareness around the food.

If you want it you can develop the consistency.

This may not even involve using MyFitnessPal, I have clients send me pics or simply tell me what they’re eating when getting results.

Many ways of consistency

Find what works for you and stick with it.

But don’t expect to reap the benefits of the fat loss unless consistency is there in both your food alongside training.