The Last Suit You’ll Ever Wear…Again – The MIB Diet

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Welcome To The Last Suit You’ll Ever Wear…Again

This is the biggest lesson from one of my favourite sets of films EVER

Men In Black – all of them, but the third movie specifically has a lot to teach you about health.

Tommy Lee Jones is THE MAN in the first one as Agent K, on top of his focus, his health and productivity is so on point that he’s given the massive task of recruiting his old colleague’s replacement, the one and only Will Smith, Agent J. This is the same with a lot of people, you’ve been on point with your food, focus, productivity and felt like a damn superhero at one point of another, usually when you were younger, had a lot less on your plate both with work, relationships, money and stress all around really.

The first film is epic and one of my favorite of all time, J becomes the hero with his Noisy Cricket, they defend Earth against the alien outlaws although I am not 100% certain if this is where the media started to demonize sugar when Edgar comes in demanding it mixed in water.

Agent K realises his time is up towards the end of the first movie, gives up on his mission and requests to have his mind Neuralyzed and looks full on into the light.

I’ve seen multiple people (myself in the past too by the way) have their health totally wiped by looking at the light, they see the sugar, turn into full Edgar mode simply pouring it into their body without even realizing they are near enough full-on diabetic.

They’ve essentially had their health brain hit by the NEURALYZER and gone back to square one without even realizing it.

Here’s the deal, it is NEVER too late to get back on point, even if you’ve forgotten every single thing you’ve ever learned about getting on track, you have life to live and time will move whether you like it or not that is the only thing which is certain in this world, it’s up to you to make the choice, you can just sit there bitching about the position you’re in or make a change and you can bet your ass that if you actually made a change the first time you started bitching you would be so far ahead right now.

You just simply need a little accountability and a plan. Oh, and having Agent J to help is always cool (Did I mention J is my middle initial – just saying)

Men In Black 3 comes along, J needs K back on the team but the problem is he literally knows NOTHING, he has his own life, given up without realizing it on the life he once had, the feelings he once felt, the total alpha being he was dedicated to being 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Didn’t even realise Rahzel is working in the post office (Yeah I am a hip hop head remember) even when he busts out a nasty beat box routine – or alien talk, even.

How do you convince someone to be something they never even knew they were before?

How do you convince someone to do something they never even believe could work?

That’s the problem with where a lot of us are with our health and we even know we need to change, many people have tried time and time again, many people have failed time and time again.

Agent J pushed through the film to provide K with flashbacks, glimpses of his former self when a massive breakthrough happens and he gets back to where he was, just as powerful, just as amazing (OK there may have been some time travelling and wonderful visions of Boris to go with this but you get what I am saying)

If you can see someone get Neuyralyzed and get back on point…

What’s your excuse why you’re not getting back on point with your health?

Time will move whether you like it or not.

Oh wait, Men In Black isn’t real?

Shut up!

Agent J is literally here and I don’t need the Noisy Cricket to get you feeling awesome if you feel you need something else to protect you from the extra terrestrial beings sitting in your fat cells then hit me up now

Now here we go, sing it with me…..

The good guys melt the fat, remember that

Just in case we ever face to face and make contact

Sing it now

Here come the Men In Black

They won’t let you remember!