I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast (Put The Cookie Down)

by Fat Loss, Psychology

I eat Green Berets for breakfast. And right now, I’m very hungry – Col. John Matrix.⠀

If you’re around my age or a little older you will remember this film when you were younger.

Arnie rocking the budgie smugglers smearing the face paint on him about to goto war with what seems like an entire army, single handedly.

Only Arnie could do this (or maybe The Rock), please don’t try this at home.

We see him arrive off the coast of Arius’ private island on a sea plane then proceed to row in shore⠀

Never running out of bullets, grenades and even luck as each individual soldier is tossed to the side on the mission to get to Arius.

But what has this got to do with fitness and your health?

If Arnie, sorry, Colonel John Matrix, had gone onto the island and every single soldier came at him together as a team there would be no chance of making it.⠀

Although Matrix eats ‘Green Berets for breakfast’ (How do you put that into MyFitnessPal Bros?!) he can’t take on every single person together.⠀

The same with your goals⠀

Some goals may be crazy big goals to achieve, you’ve got business, relationship, health, performance etc.

They may overwhelm you if you end up taking them on all at once like Aruis’ army would have Matrix.

If you decide you want these goals, really want them and Matrix’s reason was to get his daughter Jenny back so it’s pretty close to his heart, you can get them.⠀

It may be you have 100lbs to lose, just like I did back in the day, do you think if I went and thought it is only a success if I lose 100lb at once that I would get there? NO

There were mini goals, distances I wanted to run, weights I wanted to lift, going on streaks of good days between social events and yes, I screwed up a few times

Just like I am 100% certain Arnie did when filming, luckily Hollywood can cut and reshoot.

But you will get there if you celebrate the small wins along the way, promise.⠀

Sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how far we’ve come⠀

We are hard on ourselves and that can lead to being demotivated for your progress

Although you know you have a hard mission ahead I want you to think of the rowing boat

The calm before the next push

Remember to get out there⠀

Relax in your budgie smugglers and hell, if you want to put some face paint on, feel like the ultimate alpha like Matrix in the boat

If it helps, flex those guns and sell some tickets to the show⠀

Appreciate how far you’ve come and build up your own appetite


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