8 Steps To Quickly Drop The Pot Belly

by Fat Loss, Nutrition Tips

We’ve all used age as an excuse, blaming it on the reason it’s harder to lose fat, you’re not as strong any more, you can’t run as far and don’t even have enough energy to do as much as you used to.

I get it, after 30 our testosterone levels drop by around 1% on average per year, and that is when you are still taking full care of your own health, just imagine what happens when you don’t take responsibility.

Most people get to the point they look in the mirror and it’s too far to go back, the point of no return, quitting is in order, quite frankly it is easier to accept you won’t have abs or be lean again than doing anything about it so go ahead and convince yourself that.


Check out these 8 ways to help melt away that pot belly and reignite your body, REVITLIZE your life to the person you used to be.


  1. Lower Alcohol

Alcohol is the thing which society seems to rely on in order to know you’re having a good time when out, the thing which people seem to NEED in order to relax, chill out and be able to switch off. This is the first trigger that there’s a bit of an issue here.

Alcohol is cool, in moderation but when you’re having to reach for the wine and grab a couple glasses each night just to switch off then that is a bit of a red flag that something isn’t right in your life. Essentially alcohol is the thing which is helping you de-stress but may also be the thing keeping your pot belly nice and round stopping you dropping the fat you so want to get rid of.

That isn’t to say you should be chucking alcohol out completely, this is the real world but lowering the alcohol consumption will allow you to get rid of essentially empty calories which provide your body with no goodness to thrive or fuel to burn that belly fat.


  1. Increase Protein

Protein is kind of like a magic word of health it seems, get your protein in and you will be healthy. When I work with clients and we actually look to track food I will first off focus on calories and then getting the right amount of protein into their daily routine, this isn’t just for health reasons, although it will help facilitate recovery from the daily stress life throws at us, but mainly because it will mean you’re feeling fuller for longer due to it’s satiating impact on the body. This also means you will be less likely to overeat which essentially means you have a lot lower likelihood of throwing processed foods into your body.


  1. Lower Stress

It’s the world we live in it’s stressful. That’s true if you perceive it as stress, not if you are able to get your mind into viewing it in a different perspective. We do require a little amount of stress in our lives, it helps us push forward and thrive but too much and it will mean you will be less likely to get the good nutrients from the food you’re eating due to the lowered ability to digest, it can also lead to a higher chance of overeating, and not on good nutritious food either meaning more shape is added to that lovely rounded belly of yours along with fat internally which give you a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease.


  1. Lower Processed Sugar

Yes we have all been told a calorie is a calorie, which is true to a certain extent but quality calories are going to allow your body to get more nutrition from them, more vitamins, minerals and goodness to let your body function optimally. This in turn will lead to lowered stress levels in the body as discussed above which can potentially mean lowered body fat, and lowered visceral body fat levels too.


  1. Sort Your Intolerances

Not everyone is as allergic to foods as they think, especially gluten, usually it’s not the gluten that’s made you bloated it’s the fact you ate a whole loaf of bread but having awareness over certain intolerances can allow your body to digest the food you eat essentially getting more of the nutrients from it, this will lower stress, make you healthier and therefore lowering the belly fat as a result.

Some people will be intolerant (not allergic) to foods, this isn’t where you would suffer an anaphylactic shock by having the food or even as severe as dying from eating if you have a high level nut allergy for example, this could be you suffer from bloat, get lethargic or simply struggle to drop weight due to inflammation caused with suffering the intolerance. Finding these through certain testing will allow you to simply cut out the foods from your diet and feel much better as a result.


  1. Strength Train

I’ve seen many people jump straight on the treadmill when wanting to lose weight – upping the cardio is a good way to burn calories which can lead to weight loss due to a larger caloric deficit however the body is a wonderful thing and it wants to become more efficient therefore it adapts to this meaning you have to run further and further or simply go for longer if you’re doing another for of cardio, it will also look to make it easier for you and therefore burn muscle tissue in order to make your body lighter when riding along for the trip, this will essentially lead to you becoming just a smaller and softer version of yourself, the number on the scale may go down a small amount but you’ll end up fatter as a result, not the result you were after right?

Adding in strength training whether it’s with some home equipment or at the local gym will allow your body to increase it’s muscle mass which then burns more calories by something called EPOC (post exercise oxygen consumption) aka calories burning gains for people wanting a technical term for this. It can also increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR) although this is kind of minimal so don’t get too caught up in this.

Add 3-4 whole body weight training sessions per week and you will be on the right track, just don’t activate beast mode, it’s not needed I promise.


  1. Get Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is most often overlooked in this world of hustle we live in right now, you don’t deserve sleep as that just means you don’t want to be successful, right?


A study has shown that people getting 6 hours of sleep or less for even just 2 weeks can lower their testosterone levels by 10-15%, that’s about the same amount it lowers between 30-45 years old for healthy individuals actually doing things to prevent it dropping faster, imagine aging 15 years by simply hustling for two weeks, scary!

As a result of the lowered sleep you will find it harder to drop weight alongside making that belly even hard to drop, maybe that bed is calling you for all the right reason, hustle is sleeping.

One key I find to get good sleep is to switch technology off a good hour before bed, really learn to chill out, read a book, cuddle with the wife, chill, enjoy some you time, it will help get into a much deeper sleep as a result.


  1. Increase Fibre

Something a lot of people don’t seem to get enough of is fibre, great for overall health but not only that, it helps you stay fuller for longer meaning you’re less likely to overeat on other things really high in calories and you’re going to actually be able to go to the toilet to literally get rid of the crap in your body.


There you have it, 8 simple steps for you to implement, if you feel you’re going to need help to get them all put in place then drop me a message www.revitalizationblueprint.com/letstalk and we can chat