The Entrepreneur Equation – Iron Maiden + Nachos = Fat Loss

by Fat Loss

How Can Nachos And Iron Maiden Help You Optimize?

How can they specifically help you increase your focus, energy, productivity and earn more money?

At the SAME time how can they then decrease that computer belly?

Here’s the deal

Each client I work with we need to find the ‘why’ the motivator and I also am not a massive fan on boring shitty diets which involve you boiling chicken and steaming broccoli 5 times a day

Unless it is for a medical reason, obviously

But here’s what I had to do myself and you could try this also

First thing is that you may have notice, I love nachos, like obsessively, it’s like a religion, if nachos are on the menu I will have them, usually a sharing portion to myself

I didn’t choose the nacho life, the nacho life chose me

How can both myself AND my clients eat out and choose the nacho life?

Usually we will do something you’ve pretty much certainly heard of
‘Intermittent Fasting’

You simply have a window of eating and it’s supposed to give you all these cool things by not eating first thing
– Better insulin sensitivity
– Better focus
– More energy
– Better digestion

Blah, Blah fuckedy blah

It let’s me eat nachos two to three times a week WITH all the cheese AND all the chilli so I like it

Science aside, it works for me

Science is also good though, don’t forget that. But I am keeping it simple.

The other thing?

Iron Maiden

I won’t say I am a super fan like my A-Play client Ron

On my VIP package where I go and stay with a client we state we MUST do some fun shit too, last year Ron took me to see these guys in California, not like ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ tickets but full on right at the front where the mosh pit dudes are

I digress

When I am in the gym, I am in the gym, focused, airplane mode on

But I have a soundtrack which gets me fired up. Walking around with my bullshit blockers in my ears ready for my hard working set

Today was deadlift day and I had my soundtrack ready for my max set –

The Number Of The Beast – BOOM

My brain gets trigged, my mind goes into full force CONFIDENCE ON LOCK when this comes on now

But screw the gym, I wondered how I could use this to turn on BOSS MODE (not beast mode as much as that would be a perfect title but I don’t believe in beast mode, I’ll leave that to the selfie crew on Insta)

It goes on right after my meditation and morning run EVERY morning

Get’s me fired up ready to BOSS the day

Also is good if I am struggling with fasting to know I can dial the Number Of The Beast in order to plough through to earn my nachos

Therefore, Iron Maiden helps with Intermittent Fasting and Focus, Intermittent Fasting helps me earn my Nachos

Nachos make me happy

I lose fat
I earn more
I get more focus and all that sciencey swizzle

Happy Days!

Want to eat nachos and lose fat? Let’s talk