Your Body – Your First Business Bank Account

by Fat Loss, Psychology

Your Body Is A Bank Account, Is It Your Business?

When you were building your business you had to put in the work to build up the budget, make good investments, make good decisions to get to the place you are now. You may have made some dodgy decisions along the way and paid for them but you are essentially where you are now because of the successful business decisions you put in over time to grow your business.

You now will have a thriving bank account, hopefully. When you get a new opportunity to make and investment you need to make sure you have enough funds to cover and that this investment will pay off, if not, too many bad decisions will force you into your overdraft and eventually it gets cut, no more spending.

This is the same with your body, the problem is that throughout the world of hustle and grind we live in when building the business we sometimes, and by sometimes I mean pretty much all of the time, forget to make those deposits to keep the bank balance healthy. That is where the problems come along.

We find ourselves in a health overdraft, miles into the red when it can become a massive overwhelm to do anything about it, sometimes it is easier to forget about it and go into debt management (medication, pills, death) to push through it hoping it will heal itself – as you can see ‘death’ doesn’t really heal you. Then we build up levels of stress and not only does it really drain us, it means we aren’t able to cope to the levels we should be able to in our business meaning that a knock on effect is our actual bank accounts start to drain, daily, not good for business.

Now if you’ve made some deposits – got a routine going, good nutrition, some movement and exercise, mind work like meditation or breathing you’re going to be able to take more time off to ‘crush it’ and enjoy the hustle mode but the more time you take, the more of those deposits you’re then starting to spend then the more you will have to get back investing, these sorts of behaviours usually lead with more withdrawals than deposits including many people getting a larger and larger overdraft they eventually can’t get out of.

Making the decision to take ownership is crucial, even hiring a financial advisor – aka a coach who specialises in business guys like yourself will help you endless here, going to the extremes may seem good but just not getting into the overdraft in the first place can mean you allow yourself to start making slightly more deposits than withdrawals and expand your bank account positively allowing you to thrive when it comes to your health earning more and more for your business which you’re able to invest in your own self and relationships as a result.


Check for awareness now and log where you’re making withdrawals along with deposits, that, is a crucial first step.

Need that financial advisor for your health? Hit me up and we can see if you qualify.