I want to personally thank you for signing up to Ollie Matthews coaching where I am going to create your plan and get things ready for you to start moving forward with your health, if you can download the new client document here, fill this in with as much detail as possible so that your plan is created as good as we can given where you are currently at.

Once complete it would be great to be logging food for three days, everything you eat and drink, what is vital here is that we are honest so I can see current habits and where we can improve. If you want to email this with your document that is fine but I suggest starting to use MyFitnessPal as an app, it’s a really great app and as long as you share your username with me I will be able to see your diary (Please add OJay1986 as a friend and set your diary settings to ‘share with friends’ otherwise I will not be able to see).

Finally I suggest we get starting pictures, these won’t be shared with anyone without any prior permission you give us when you see results but will help you so much along the way, it is vital you aren’t just relying on scales or one method of seeing your progress and photos help me all the time.

Once all the information is gathered then send it over to ollie@revitalizationblueprint.com we can get things ready within 2 working days of delivering all of the content (questionnaire, food diary and starting pictures)

Lastly if you request access to the Facebook Group using the password ‘Transformation’ we can introduce you to the community.

I look forward to working with you.

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