Look What Happened To This Entrepreneur In Just 7 Weeks (And He Had His Highest Earnings Yet)

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John R Pagulayan is with Ollie OJay Matthews.

November 18 at 6:06pm ·


That’s all it took to go from “I can’t stand seeing my body in the mirror” to “I can’t wait for summer to show off”. lol!

Now, I’m not the type to post pictures of myself, heck, you’ll barely find a selfie pic on my timeline…

But just this time, I’m gonna make an exemption.

Because my man Ollie deserves a shout out.

You see…

I always had this misconception that the only way one can get lean, build muscle, and be healthy overall is to sacrifice more time off their schedule.

Like if I see someone in good shape, my knee-jerk reaction was…

“Must’ve been working out 4 hours a day”

(Either that or he’s starving himself to death)

Call it jealousy if you will.

But as a business owner who finds it hard enough as it is to keep up with the demands of my business and personal life…

It’s my only valid excuse to make myself feel better.

Besides, I’ve tried hiring a professional trainer before and the best advice I got was to, tough it out in the gym, eat less, and wait for 5-7 months to see the results I want.

Problem is…

I don’t want to work out 5 times a week — I have a life, thank you.

And I’d rather die early than torture myself eating bland, boring, tasteless meals for the rest of my life.

But every time I get to stare at my computer belly, or whenever my back makes that crackling noise when I get up from a long webinar, or when I lose focus in the middle of writing an email…

I knew I needed to do something about my health – FAST!

So enter Ollie.

And I must say…

The way he went and customized my program uniquely to my needs caught me a bit off guard.

Because instead of telling me what to eat…

He asked me what my favorite foods were and tailored fit my diet based on what I prefer.

Instead of ordering me to work out 5 times a week…

He asked me how much time I have for working out. He didn’t even balk when I said I can only do two a week.

Instead of forcing me to do things…

He asks me what I would love to do instead.

So I’m like…

Is this guy even serious?

I mean imagine the things I get to eat to reach the results you see below… chocolate, burger, nachos, the occasional pizza…

It’s like getting away with murder.

Heck, if I hadn’t told my friends, they wouldn’t even know I’m on a diet.

(Not to mention the weekend drinking spree I usually have with my neighbors.)

But Ollie made it easy to know exactly what to eat, how much of it to eat, and when to eat it based on what I do and the time available I have in a day.

And in the 7 WEEKS that I took his advice and guidance seriously, I was able to…

…Do my usual client deliverables faster, finished 2 client email launch campaigns, launched a fundraising campaign of my own with little to no stress — all because of the renewed energy and focus I’m experiencing.

…Get out and have fun, like going to the beach or driving out of town without feeling guilty about it because my overall productivity increased giving me more time to relax.

…Have my highest grossing months while feeling much better (and healthier) than I did the whole year.

…And buy new shirts — the old ones are getting tighter in all the right places. ?

Now, the reason I’m posting this is simple.

You see…

Everyone is gonna tell you it’s hard to lose weight.

That it’s hard to build that body you want.

That it’s hard to keep yourself committed and follow through.

Well, that may be true.

But at very least it’s my responsibility to let you know…

That if you have the RIGHT GUIDE to take care of you and keep you motivated, it’s not really that hard at all.

And for me, Ollie Matthews is that guy.

Just giving credit where it’s due. ?

Here’s a link to his profile: https://www.facebook.com/ojaymatthews

Hit him up.