Your Wife Makes You Fat

by Fat Loss, Psychology

Stop Asking For Your Wife’s Permission To Be Healthy

I hear it all the time, ‘my wife doesn’t want me to sign up’

I get it, I actually do, why? Because I was that person who when I wanted to spend money I had earned on a coach, in this case it was a business coach and I asked my wife she frowned.

‘Why? You have spent so much already’

That was the problem, I had invested a LOT of money into coaches over the years. Mind, Body, Business, shit, even a movement coach got some money spent on it.

It was kind of a broken record – chuck money at it, do a little, don’t get the results, wife get’s annoyed at me wasting money which I could have spent on a new Mulberry bag for her, she’s pissed, I have to play the bad guy and then get all soppy and buy her a treat to say sorry.

FUCK THAT when it comes to health.

In fact, it happened when I said I am getting into decent shape again after the wedding, I had let it slip a bit but I told the wife why I wasn’t going to be the guy who was false, online coaching about how I ‘used’ to look, telling people what I ‘used’ to do and how I ‘used to eat. I was going to turn up, authentic.

That didn’t mean I would be obsessed with food like I used to, be obsessed with training like I used to but I would be tightening things up, I would be having some good days of eating really tasty ‘no fucks given’ food with her on date night but told her not to expect it every night.

Her frown came back.

It was so similar to what I see guys doing when I speak to them about online coaching, but in all honesty.

Screw her.

How I feel isn’t about her.

How I feel when I am out of shape, isn’t about her.

How I feel when my clothes don’t fit right is NOT about her.

It is about ME.

Now, I get it, I totally do, a happy wife happy life bullshit we have been fed into believing is an EASY LIFE

But how do you actually feel when you look in that mirror and you’re nowhere near where you want to be, when the reflection looking back is something you’re so ashamed of that even though the wife says you’re ‘cuddly’ you want to slap that word right out of her face, especially since she cuddles a little tighter and you can feel her body heating up when she sees Zac Efron running down the beach in slow motion with The Rock on Baywatch (wasn’t so bad when it was The Hoff was it!).

It is simply a matter of communication when it comes to how we position this to the wife.

It may be an insecurity on the other half’s part when they don’t want you to get in shape  but in all honesty, that’s their insecurity, not yours and you need to discuss that with them but YOU being out of shape, YOU not feeling confident when you’re tucking your shirt in and feeling that lower back fat blending into a double portion of lovehandlitis starting to leak all over your sexy leather belt no-one will even start to see, that is 100% YOUR business.

How will it impact your wife though?

Like, seriously impact her.

I mean, does she really love the lack of stamina when you are going at it in the bedroom, getting out of breath BEFORE the foreplay and the climax (let’s be honest, you are more likely finding it just as hard to get your socks off as to get her to climax right now, probably)

What would happen if your confidence was radiant, literally shining off out of your eyes like Superman’s laser vision things mixed with the body language a Christian Grey & Harvey Specter love child (I mean, science is evolving, they may be able to have one in the future right?) would have.

So much swagger and beaming self confidence she literally gets weak at the knees each time you walk into the room just to ask if she wants milk in her coffee (no euphemism, like seriously getting her a nice brew)

So tell me.

Is it her business how you feel, I suppose, yes, yes it is her business


It is 100% not her business if you aren’t happy in the way you see or feel your body right now.

Maybe if you were more committed and started doing what you say you are going to do you would get her approval, maybe if you respected yourself she could respect you even more.


Still think it’s your wife’s business if you sign up?

No? Well then, let’s chat