If I Had A Time Machine You Would Pay Me Triple

by Psychology

If Only I Had A Time Machine…

I’ve been talking to multiple people once again today and something jumped out, all of them were entrepreneurs and one person even stated this title when talking about his business idea, if only I had a time machine.

It got me thinking, if I had a time machine I would be ridiculously overbooked right now, why? Because never have I had a client say my prices are expensive once they have actually experienced my online coaching, in fact pretty much all of my client on my Revitalization Blueprint have told me that once they started, if they had known how great that they would have felt, not only this but also how much it would impact their entire life including business, relationship and confidence that they would have paid double, even treble for my services.

So if I had a time machine it would be used in each and every one of my sales calls, hell, even if you do 50% of the things I ask you to do, habits we get to build together and lifestyle tweaks we get to make, you will notice so much more.

Get the guy I am staying with in the tent, we had a deep conversation about this literally an hour ago, the results of taking a couple of food items out of his diet and the impact it has had on his business has been crazy let alone how he feels in the rest of his lift. Whilst I know everybody reacts differently but simply having taken grains and dairy out of his diet he gained so much energy, released a lot of the brain fog stopping him making decisions which weren’t going to be great for his business and was able to become the authority in accounting within his particular niche in the Los Angeles area.

The problem we come across is the impact people thing getting online coaching will have, even though they know they NEED it, need it to thrive in their entire lives, they believe it will be detrimental and unsustainable meaning they just push the health to the side until it is pretty much too hard a thing to change (which again is a lot of BS too, you are never too far away to get healthy, time will change whether you like it or not!) which goes totally against what I do when I work with clients, one small change with the biggest impact one step at a time, one step, that is all it takes, simple adjustments, I know working with multiple 6-7 figure entrepreneurs that changing everything would not work, would not get the compliance which would produce results, you have heard of the 80/20 rule no doubt with your business, this is about the 80/20 rule serving you in order to be able to thrive in your health too.

It’s a no brainer.

Now, if you really respect yourself enough to be the best person you can actually be and increase the success of your business enough then do you really even need that time machine?

I will look forward to chatting to you in a Revitalizaton Call: Ollie@revitalizationblueprint.com