Stop Focusing On The Details – First Lesson From Baby Bathwater

by Psychology

Stop Focusing On The Details…

I sit here, on a decking outside what is apparently a tent, and by tent I mean there are two double beds, a fridge, full bathroom with decent shower and air conditioning included. I am at an event called Baby Bathwater where the world’s top entrepreneurs gather to network, eat good food and create great memories.

Over the last 2-3 hours I have spoken with multiple people, tell them how I change the world of individuals like yourself and listening to their story and the ‘why’ behind it. It has become more and more apparently as I already knew that the accountability is key and the small things, the small details don’t make as much difference as possible at first and can actually overwhelm people into making sure they don’t do anything, anything at all to progress with their health and life as a whole.

Let me explain, you’re at this event and you know you arne’t going to eat great healthy food as you love some of natures nicest temptations, you love some alcohol although you still know you need to make a little change to get the results you say you want to get. If I went full on in and told you that you’ll need to go all out with a strict diet and full exercise program the chances are you’re not going to want to have the pain of going 100% one thing to 100% another, then I spoke to multiple people and they want to add in this supplement, put in another and see the benefits they can bring but not then wanting to do the basics first, they don’t get the results they deserve.

If I asked you to build a house what would be the first thing you have to take care of AFTER you have the plans? Building the foundations, you don’t go straight in and build up the kitchen decorations and fixtures before the foundations have been built, you may look at them but you can’t actively work on them until the foundations are there, it would be a waste, they would keep getting real dirty and things just wouldn’t be sustainable, you’d have to keep on starting over and over again.

The most successful results I have had with clients who are ridiculously busy is to build up habits, foundations to live by – let’s not have so much processed food, let’s not just sit down all the day and make sure we hit a step goal or simply going for a short walk 1-2 times a day, let’s make sure you get hydration on board and start to feel real energy again rather than just hitting the caffeine as a fix. Building the foundations one step at a time. Once those are in place you can then start adding a little more intense workouts, maybe bring a kettlebell into play, maybe learn to get healthier food in a bit more one step at a time. From there, there you may then notice the big differences that small supplements will make to your overall health and life. Adding some choline to help reduce estrogen, adding some cinnamon to help your blood sugar levels, adding some extra potassium, magnesium, zinc will all go a long way to making sure everything is covered but not before you get those foundations in place.

I use the analogy of fixing a severe headache (caused by dehydration) by having paracetamol, it’s going to numb the pain short term but long term you need to do the basics first, drink the water to keep your body hydrated. It can really be that simple. Taking you from where you’re at to where you want to be WITHOUT having to fall off and feel the guilt of constantly failing, constantly having to start again, it’s a journey, it’s a lifestyle, and honestly, it’s what you deserve once you realize that respecting yourself is the first step to full on Revitalization.