I Will Start When I Get Back…

by FAQ

This is one of the biggest reasons people never hit their health goals, well, goals in general and in fact it is one of the reasons people actually fall further and further behind with their ‘goals’ in all areas.

Right now we are in full mastermind, vacation and business trip season, it’s great, loads of fun, loads of development and loads of well, falling off the wagon in order to get ahead in one area but behind in your health.

Having spoken with a few entrepreneurs this past week who have told me that they will start when their travels finish, they will start after their mastermind, their vacation and so on, each of them has been surprised when I have called them out on this, not because of sales, I mean, yeah, I want to get the new client on board for sure, it helps but from personal experience this is the worst thing that both myself and any previous client will tell you they have done.

One word.


Regardless of whether you’re looking to drop a few lb, increase your health optimization getting more focus, energy and complete vitality, procrastinating and pushing the ‘start’ date back is so damn easy to do. And that is why we get drawn to it. The problem is, whenever you start you will have periods of travel, you will have vacations (oh and by the way, it’s a vacation, just don’t go all out binge, the only rule I have with clients then is to go enjoy themselves!).

Setting your start date in the future straight off sends a signal to the brain ‘OK, we have a start date, let me get all the crap out of the cupboards, let me have all those foods which will be restricted (in excess) and let me go all out binge mode or even just have a little extra until that start date because, hey, it’s going to be super restrictive being on a ‘diet’ right? WRONG…

First off, I don’t believe that you should go on what many believe to be a diet, the coaching I work with individuals on involved making sure they get the most out of their vacation and business trips and can even drop weight whilst still indulging in some extravagant food and drink.

Here’s my story of ultimate procrastination, getting married.

I had gotten injured when training for two marathons in a month (yes, it was a dumb decision I know, won’t do that again), both Achilles nearly ripped completely. Took months to get back on track and before I knew it my wedding was 4 months away, I had put on around 15-20lbs which weren’t nice, most people drop for their wedding, I put on. It was at the same time I was pushing my health coaching – yes I was not doing anything I say to my ridiculously busy clients to do and they are a lot busier than anyone just planning a wedding, let alone the groom! I said to myself, I will start after I get married. Big mistake, procrastination.
I weighed myself after the wedding (Monday after to be precise because…all diets start on a Monday don’t they!) and I now had DOUBLE what I previously had when I made the deadline of when to start getting my health on point over 40lbs, ouch.

I always say to people, if you had started making a change the day you started moaning about needing to change you will be so close to your goals right now, that doesn’t just come with your health.

I dropped the excess fat but it took 4 months when it could have taken half that and a lot less stress.

Get what I am saying?

Whether you’re looking to start in a month, two months or just two weeks, stop procrastinating and get starting today, you seriously won’t regret it.

Take Revitalization Blueprint client Adam Lundquist (www.nerdsdoitbetter.com) for example, just back off of his week-long vacation enjoying some of the finest foods Europe has to offer (he literally started fully the week before he went):

“This has actually been one of my healthier vacations and I have you to thank
(Do you think it has been any less enjoyable as a result?) No, I actually enjoyed it more, I think I am seeing abs! I am back today and back working out and getting at the healthy eating. I actually lost two pounds on the vacation, travelling in Italy. The accountability works”

If you’re ready to stop procrastinating about your health then let’s talk now and if you’re wondering why it is better to get working with myself, an online coach specific to entrepreneurs over your local PT then check out this article here.