Why Do I Need Nootropics?

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Why Do You Need Nootropics?

A discussion which we went into at a recent mastermind in the breakoff Health group was talking deeper about nootropics. We were saying what were the good ones, when people take then, needing melatonin to then sleep and so on when I posed the question.

But has anyone actually looked deeper and asked themselves ‘why do I need nootropics in the first place?’

This is when I went into geek mode and I apologise to anyone in the room as I didn’t really stop talking but rather just answering the questions I was getting asked.

A bit of history with me and what I do.

I work with entrepreneurs specifically on deeper health, making sure we’re able to perform and not leave both money on the table in our business and lose relationships because we’re stressed out and not at our best, it’s pretty powerful.

I got into this world being an overweight music producer working in the corporate world that dropped over 100lbs to jump on the bodybuilding stage, that was a lifetime ago (14 years to be precise) then developed an eating disorder and addiction to working out, not in a good way. Went into the training world, nutrition and mindset before falling into working with pro endurance and strength athletes (yes, both at the same time).

It was then I realised, I was helping someone with fitness specifically and not always health, getting athletes from A to B as fast as possible and then we worry about health afterward and it hit me, atheltes was all about ego, ‘I work with a Tour De France competitor’, ‘I worked with someone at Rio 2016’.

When I was 15 my dad passed away (I will talk about this more in the future as in the breakout about blockages the guys said I need to share this more), he was stressed out working hard to support his family financially, not overweight, didn’t drink much and looked ok and healthy – he just had migraines. On the Monday he had a migraine, went into hospital a day later, had a stroke on the Wednesday and the Saturday he passed away, we had to turn off the life support machines – he was 47.

I was working with a couple entrepreneurs in 2016/7 and one was very big in the music industry as a manager, I got to stay with him in Nashville doing my intensive 1-1, basically we implement everything in person for a week and make sure it all works. It was here I saw the impact the work was having on not just him but his family too, his 15 year old daughter and 13 year old son and his wife – he was ‘giving back my wife what she married 10 years ago for our wedding anniversary’ as Rick put it.

Then it clicked.

I couldn’t help my dad when I was 15 but I have a powerful opportunity to work with entrepreneurs to stop what happened to myself happening to other children, there was no looking back.

I went deep into the health of entrepreneurs and then found myself not just working on training and nutrition but some life coaching (cringe at that title) and also getting fully licensed in functional medicine and nutritional therapy.

Multiple years later and many clients on I am back here.

That’s my long side note.

I can go deeper into these things in another few posts but the things I found people were doing was essentially masking what was actually going on under the surface by using drugs rather than fixing other things going on.

Nootropics absolutely have their place – I have used and no doubt will use in the future if I have a strict deadline but when we are using them regularly the hard question is why is my body not able to perform to this level without it?

And these things jumped out which I can go onto each one in their own post if people wish me to.

1. Poor blood glucose management – waking through the night, not able to sleep, food changing how you feel, energy dips, bad digestion

2. Poor sleep management (including how we wake up)

3. Trying to go too hard on things rather than sustainability

4. Not seeing the signs of poor gut health leading to potential hormone imbalances

5. People pushing too hard in their workouts

6. Taking a pill to mask the problem

Most of them are interlinked.

If you’re one of the many who loves nootropics (believe me, I am one too and I had to look at this stuff a while back also), it’s epic to live that ‘limitless’ life but what are you actually hiding you know you could work on that would allow you to feel more limitless most of the time?

When you’re looking at hitting something with just a supplement one thing I urge you to consider once again is ‘why do I need this?’ and ‘what will happen if I just keep taking it and don’t fix the underlying problem?’ its a LOT more effort than just the supplement but long term I guarantee it’ll be a better option.

If you truly want to feel limitless


Without the extra supplements

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