Is Detoxing Making Your Health Worse?

by Fat Loss, Health

Hey all, I hope you’re doing good. Now on detoxification I’m certain – and a hundred percent certain – you’ve been targeted by ads at some point in the year. If you’ve ever searched for any sort of detoxification product or health or weight loss product, or just some way to improve your skin, to improve your hair, all these different things then likelihood is you’ve been targeted by ads for detoxification companies.

Now I’m not even going to go into the depths of the seven day fast or these juice fasts or all these supplement companies that will give you these products to let you (sometimes the companies might actually be okay) but they will allow you have one drink a day or say, have this powder a day or something in order to allow your body to detoxify. Because so many people push forward and then don’t get results and I’ve seen so many frustrations that people have with their health, I feel that we need to discuss.

Because simply going on a detoxification diet is not going to get sustainable results.

Now detoxification should happen when you simply stop eating so much crap, or you stop drinking so much alcohol. Yes, we can be pushing our body and our kidneys through a lot of stress and a lot of strain, but a ton of people have problems with detoxification and this affects loads of stuff.

We have three phases of detoxification. 

The first phase is actually stage zero, then there’s one and two. So phase 1, 2, 3, or zero one and two, just because science wasn’t complicated enough anyway so hey, let’s just count from zero rather than from one. Anyway…..a lot of people have problems with the second phase of detoxification, especially women because of their hormonal makeup.

And you’ll see that when you’ve been working with a lot of chemicals, whether that’s in the construction industry, or in beauty salons or hairdressers. Even gardeners, decorators, all these different occupations where you’ve had a lot of chemicals or pesticides in the air, it will affect your ability to detox. Another one is the farming areas, especially here in Norfolk, where I live, we have one of the poorest air qualities in the country.

Seriously, all those fields come at a price.

I believe it’s in the top six or seven places for worst pollution levels in the country! 

Now the first stage of detoxification is where we get toxins in our body. We might then convert them into smaller substances to allow your body to aid detoxification in the second stage.

So this is the first stage, stage zero, and we need certain herbs, we need good vitamin C levels. We need to get high levels of cruciferous vegetables in. So broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips, all these different veggies and some other vitamins and minerals. So we need to get the toxins and start to break them down to make turn them from fat to water-soluble so we can actually start to transport them. 

Now, the second stage, we start this thing called conjugation, which is going to take these water soluble minerals and get them into a place where they’re ready to be excreted out of the body. 

We all struggle with this. 

So we’re essentially picking these toxins up in stage one, and then converting them in stage two. And women, well a lot of women, suffer with this a lot more than guys do, but anyone, if you’ve worked with a lot of chemicals or you’re struggling with your health, experiencing a lot of brain fog then definitely, definitely look into this. So what we’re trying to do is get the levels of sulphur up. 

Now, this is problematic if you have an issue with sulphur. We’re told to get sulfide from vegetables or other places, but some people react to high sulphur in the diet. I used to be very reactive and had to calm down the inflammation throughout my body before I could then take on high levels of these vegetables.

So these things were potentially damaging to my body. 

Yep, you know, those ‘healthy’ vegetables everyone tells you to eat. And yes they are healthy but not everyone can tolerate them.

Things like getting a good level of amino acids in your body. Good trace minerals. Good vitamin B12. Being able to methylate that vitamin B12 as well. These are the important things. And also glutathione, which is a cellular-level antioxidant. One of the strongest antioxidants in the body that a lot of people will suffer from depletion of with high levels of stress. Important to mention a lot of vegans will have problems with detoxifying unless they’re supplementing with the right supplementation. It’s absolutely possible to be healthy as a vegan with the right supplementation.

And by the way, there’s just as many unhealthy meat-eaters as there are vegans, I will definitely say that!

So we need to pick these toxins up. We need to mobilize them. And then we need to chuck them out, which is stage three. Further filtration through the kidneys and then excretion. 

Whether that’s through going to the toilet, or sweating, or even tears. (I don’t recommend crying the amount of toxins out you need, because you’re going to just be crying all day long), but sweating is an easy one. So saunas are really good for you because you’re sweating out the toxins and then we are sweating when exercising and obviously just going to the toilet naturally. 

There you are, you’ve got it covered – go to the sauna, have a cry at a film with dogs in (perhaps that’s just me) and then go to the toilet.

But the problem is if we think of this, like a crane, you know, the ones in the amusement arcades (bear with me, this will make sense). If you think on Toy Story with the green monsters, and they’re like “Uhhh, monster crane”, or something like that. And the crane is coming, but you’re in the arcade and you think I’m going to get that Teddy.

So we’ve done stage one, which is putting the money in, stage two is going to pick it up. Stage three is keeping the grabber closed so we can actually drop that Teddy into the little exit chute. Right? The trouble we have is too many people get stuck on stage two and they pick up the Teddy at a certain point and just drop elsewhere.

So the problem that occurs is you have your morning coffee or something like that, and coffee activates the bowels. We then just start transporting these toxins, but we can’t excrete them from the body because we haven’t worked on opening the appropriate pathways and lowering the stress in the body, lowering inflammation.

So we pick them up, we simply take a toxin from one part of the body and then we drop it down in another place and we’re just relocating it to different places. 

Now you’re shouting “OK so what can I actually do?!”

Some of the things we need to do – potentially – is working on a different protocol to get different supplements in the body, to open up pathways and also look at stress, look at inflammation, but that’s a bit more on a one-to-one basis. 

As everyone knows, when it comes to health, it ain’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

How can you lower stress?  Little things like start using breathing techniques, we’ve talked before about box breathing and different nose breathing, mouth taping, and all these different things to help you breathe through your nose, rather than just through your mouth. Meditation, mindfulness, these sorts of things, just to help you lower stress.

But the big things that are going to make the most difference are the obvious ones. If you are eating a lot of processed food that puts strain on your kidneys, strain on your body. Then adding alcohol, smoking and a highly stressed lifestyle on top of that – jeez!

Just really look at your life (not in a deep way, unless you want to) and assess what’s going on. Can you really step back and be honest with yourself?

Because I know that it is hard to say ‘just cut out alcohol’. If that alcohol is really, really impacting you and you’re suffering from even some of these symptoms, then honestly I would step back from it for a little while. And then you can look at adding it back in safely. This is not to say alcohol is the devil, junk food is a devil or anything like that. But working out what’s important.

Take these things out, build your body up to the point where it can actually handle this stuff and then bring it back in as a ‘treat’ for enjoyment. 

But honestly, if you ever have problems with any of these things, brain fog inflammation, where it comes to the point where you’re lethargic, depressed, anxious, low mood, binge-eating all these different things. Then you really need to look into your detoxification pathways because they’re probably overly stressed and we need to stop them from being blocked up and get them to work effectively, to not just pick up the Teddy, not just move it around, but get it to the actual chute and then get it out of the body.

The prize being improved health and ultimately, life.

So if you need help with that, drop me a message and we can talk further, have a great day