How To Be An A-Player Whilst Melting 20lbs Of Fat

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What happened to the super entrepreneur Ron Reich when he focused on using The Revitalization Blueprint to 100% optimize his health and fitness?

Watch the video and find out for yourself as I got the chance to interview Ron first hand in California October 2017 (apologies for the barking dog, he was excited about Ron’s abs!)

Here is what Ron said in a Facebook post IN HIS OWN WORDS:

Ron Reich

Your #1 Business Asset (And My Secret Weapon For Building Mine)

I’d say the majority of people I know in the business world are also into personal development at some level.

And for good reason!

Because anyway you slice it, YOU are your most important business asset.

So in order to grow your business your must be constantly be growing yourself.

This is why the most successful entrepreneurs I know are constantly investing in their personal development.

With me, one of my “vices” is definitely investing in coaches and mentors.

(The other thing I spend a disproportionate amount of money on is travel).

Now, you might be nodding your head right now, but one of the aspects of personal development that many entrepreneurs do not prioritize is their health and fitness.

HUGE mistake!

Eating a healthy diet and exercising are two of the easiest things you can do to take your business (and life) to the next level. Direct business benefits include…

* More energy to get more done…
* Increased mental focus…
* Lower stress levels…
* More confidence and charisma…
* Making your haters jealous…
* And many more!

This is one reason why the great Robin Sharma suggests if you want to be a high achiever you need to have a fitness coach.

(He also recommends all A-Players have a business coach, a financial coach, and a mindset coach).

I’m fortunate to report that a couple of years ago I hired the BEST fitness coach on the plant.

His name is Ollie OJay Matthews.

He actually came to the the US last week to train me to help get me to another level of fitness, which I know is going to make my business more successful as well.

Since working with him, my income has continued to grow year after year (in addition to my self-esteem).

Now I’ll admit I’ve had my fitness ups and downs the past couple of years but Ollie has always been there to set me straight.

The guy trains Olympic athletes, world champion triathletes, as well as body builders.

And now he’s focusing on helping high performing entrepreneurs get to the next level by helping them maximize their fitness.

I know he does have space for a couple more clients so if were you I’d strongly consider hiring Ollie ASAP.

You will thank me later