Is My All Or Nothing Mentality Lowering My Fitness?

by Psychology

Consistency is the keyword right now

Consistency over perfection is one of the things I talk about to clients regularly and it’s never been more important than right now where with the current goings-on. 

It can be easy to let your health slide.

Even though you’re so worried about the impact that your health dropping will have on your business, your family and your whole life.

Chances are you’re drawn into a lot of ‘what if’s’ thrown around and escalated by the media throughout causing more stress and unknowns.

You maybe knew you needed to do something about your health before this happened and now you think it’s not possible because you’re so overwhelmed with stress. 

You also are struggling with anxiety about investments that are stopping you from even thinking about putting your health as a priority because your business needs to come first.

I get that.

But what is actually stopping you is the fact you over analysed the situation, you can’t get all the food you think you may need, you can’t now get to the gym and chances are you’re limited to minimal exercise per day too. 

That is just another excuse.

If you had excuses about your health before this started you will find more excuses now.

And looking to get a textbook perfect routine isn’t going to help.

The textbook perfect nutrition isn’t going to help.

Those aren’t going to work because of one reason.

They wouldn’t allow you to keep consistent in the best of times let alone when all you have to eat is that toilet roll and pasta you stockpiled three weeks back.

Don’t try to do everything.

Do a little more today.

Do a little more tomorrow.

Do a little more the next day.

Build up consistency.

But realise there is one thing we need to stop looking for which is leading you to overwhelm right now, a textbook-perfect plan for you.

Because perfection is decided by what is available to an individual on a specific day at a specific time, perfection is about the effort you are able to put in in one specific moment. 

Consistently aiming to get as close to perfection that the day gives you will get you much further than that textbook perfect plan causing you to overthink and be overwhelmed. 

That is why I have decided to work with people like yourself on my Stress Stomach Solution – if you’re anxious about finances, don’t worry, if you know you need to improve your health, reach out, if you are dedicated to this we will work a contact level which works for your current financial position.

Let’s get you moving forward in a world that is locked into going backward