What Do I Need To Consistently Do To Be Healthy?

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Are you doing the basics consistently with your health?

This is something I spend a lot of time implementing with clients, and successfully too.

The basics and doing them consistently

Many look for the complicated things before they’ve done the basics and as a result end up overwhelming themselves, usually stopping before they’ve started because it’s ‘too much’

Now, I do go into the deeper things with clients and we help some really crazy things with health they’ve struggled with for years in some cases such as waking through the night, fatigue, brain fog, helping symptoms of auto immune and dropping weight when they’ve tried so many other things

But in ALL cases we have to be implementing the basics first and these are overlooked so much

The two guys I was chatting with yesterday we’ve been working just over a month now and they both came to me wanting some extra accountability on their health, to improve their composition along with boost their productivity and although both wanted to improve their sleep, one of them was having really poor bouts of sleep where he was waking through the night multiple times then wired at 4am most days.

And whilst we look at doing a full health screening we have to make sure we don’t overlook the basics.

I’ve seen it many times where people look to find these complicated protocols, going Keto, doing severe detoxes, even intermittent fasting before the body is either ready or even needs these methods of working

Just a couple things to note which have helped these two clients which are worth thinking about if you’re seemingly stuck in a never ending loop of frustration trying to improve your health.

Calories in vs calories out – it’s basic mathematics and whilst the reasons we fall off are usually linked with stress we have to really get these energy balance right. If you’re really stressed then being in a calorie deficit is going to cause a lot more stress than someone who hasn’t got so much stress in their life and this really should be balanced to you as an individual both to your goals and your lifestyle, someone with higher stress may benefit better with a longer period of time to drop weight and a smaller deficit, someone who’s less stressed, be a littles stricter iff needed with the calories. BUT overall making sure you’re eating enough.

One of the ways we do this is by tracking, I track metrics in many areas including sleep times, HRV, steps and protein too (we decide these when a client signs up depending on technology available and what their goals are) but the key thing here is if you’re struggling with fatigue or sleep issues you may not be eating enough with the other stressors that are in your life. One of the more simple things we done with one of these clients to improve his energy and sleep was get him tracking his food, realise he wasn’t eating much and then get good, consistent levels of food through the day with a focus on protein (we went a little deeper with carbohydrates and fat levels after checking his blood glucose management but it was all linked in). 

The other way we get results is consistency in the schedule.

Your body is clever and likes routine, from enzyme release and insulin release when digesting food to cortisol release to wake you up followed by melatonin release to chill you whilst getting ready for sleep. 

Tracking your sleep and wake time while being consistent with it throughout is one of the biggest game changers for clients, most of us like to travel and we go through different timezones but charging ourselves up with the regular rise and fall of the sun will prove a game changer with your sleep and energy.

Yes exercise levels and macronutrient timing could make a difference further down the line, you definitely could be doing too much or too little movement, supplementation depending on the individual even once all these are sorted nootropics and biohacking, getting into your environment a little deeper to look at mould and exposure history and even your genetics etc


These two things – calories in vs calories out along with sleep timing are crucial in my opinion to get ahead with your health and productivity. Along with a bonus – good hydration for the even more basic stuff.

I’ve put a post out recently about low hanging fruit but I really think these are the two lowest if I am being honest with myself and clients, even before we get to exercise and all the other things.

I would love to know what you’ve found the top TWO things which are non-negotiable to improve your health.

Or, if you need help with getting consistent, drop me a message to book in for a call