My Plane Was About To Crash – The Key To Staying On Track With Your Goals

by Fat Loss, Psychology

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

It Was The End, The Plane Was About To Hit The Floor

You ever looked into how much your life and even deeper, your health is like a long haul flight?

We’ve all heard the analogy that if you put a plane even 1 degree off course from take off you’ll finish miles away from your target

Well here’s the real truth in regards to that

90% of flights reach their destination in the given, expected flight duration, that’s a crazy stat to know how accurate these machines are

They have a pilot, a co-pilot, a bunch of flight crew, ground control, technology which is worth millions all on board

But throughout the flight, even when everything is locked in the pilot is required to communicate with all their crew, ground control and even the technology to make minor adjustments, keep that technology accountable

That is 100% the same as your body

You need that whole team around you and it’s the reason you’ve failed on your health

I was talking to a guy yesterday who has his background in aviation, he’s now a client by the way, and he mentioned how much I would be his entire support team

I was kind of scared at this point

But we continued

He mentioned

I have the body and my mind is the pilot but I need you there to be everything else in the stressful world I live in building my business

You need to be my co-pilot to remind me of coordinates and weather conditions, my navigation to keep adjusting the path as needed, the ground control to make sure we are on track, the flight crew to keep the inside all working and even my own pilot system needs you there simply to make sure I nudge the plane back on track every day

That was powerful

I didn’t sell, he signed up as soon as he realised that part

My question to you is this

Who are your support network around you?

Have you got the accountability and team you need to not just build your fitness but your entire health systems at once?

If the answer is no, drop me a message

If you’re telling yourself you can’t afford it, stop being scared

If you’re telling yourself you haven’t got the time, stop being scared

If you’re telling yourself you’re not my ideal client, stop bullshitting yourself (unless you’re a dick, I don’t want to work with dicks)

Want to have air control guide you into your destination?

Let’s talk now