How Do I Get In Shape?

by Fat Loss, Nutrition Tips, Psychology

What Does ‘Being In Shape’ Actually Mean?

What does it mean to you?

Think about it

Is it more focus

Is it more energy

Is it more performance in your job, your business?

Does being in shape get you more confidence and build your finances?

Does being in shape get you more sex?⠀

What does ‘being in shape’ actually feel like?

What does it feel like when you look back in the mirror and feel proud to be in this shell you inhabit?

What does it show up like in your relationships?

How does your partner perceive it?

How about your children, your friends, your work mates and clients?

Being in shape is based on an individual’s perspective⠀

Being in shape for me may not be the same for you

But I know one thing

In order to truly be in shape it isn’t JUST physical

There is more to it

More depth

More power

More reality

Being in shape is also mental health too

360 health

What do you have to do today to get a marginal gain, to get 1% closer in being in shape?

What step?

Are you ready?

Let’s talk now