Can I Quickly Get Rid Of Face Fat?

by Fat Loss, Sleep

How Can I Reduce Face Fat For A Keynote Presentation?

The Keynote Diet, would be a cool concept really, i’ve worked with multiple entrepreneurs and keynote speakers and hadn’t thought of it until then. There’s something everyone wants when we start working and they have public speaking events planned in their schedule, actually two things, look great in their clothes but they also know their face fat is not going to be hidden therefore I have to find a way to help them reduce their face fat to really get that chiselled jawline viewable.

What I am going to say is that it is totally fine to think I am a bit crazy here, face fat is a pretty big thing for a lot of people, double chins in photos and these things can knock confidence to a zero. I am 100% not going to get you to pull crazy faces and start screaming loud in front of a mirror (that would be a great way to have people on about losing face fat quickly though!). This article is going to go quickly over 4 things to take into account when you’re looking to drop fat, but also allow you to see quickly that you can reduce your face fat and reveal your jawline effortlessly with the right guidance.


How Do I Lose The Weight?

We have this work ‘weight’ at the forefront of a lot of fitness and health goals right now, I say right now but it’s actually been as long as I am able to remember but in reality what is it you’re trying to do because losing weight is pretty simple but being healthy, dropping fat and reducing stress to allow you to feel amazing is a different thing.

When it comes to losing face fat you have to look at it as an overall goal in order to get perspective on the situation, your body does not want to reduce fat from specific areas and will only let go of places it doesn’t need it the most first, therefore arms, lower legs, upper chest will be the first places for fat to go on most people, especially those highly stressed. Then places where it needs to protect vital organs which are essential for actually surviving – your abdominal area, hips, face.

Every single individual is different and I have seen people who completely prove this rule wrong, real overweight but have a chiselled jawline. These people have what I call, public speaking genetics, the ‘Keynote Cuts’. Either that or they have had surgery, maybe. This article will be the key (along with the secret thing we call accountability which is my superpower by the way), finding the diet and training which works for you is going to help you so much, if you need assistance in that area then do message me here.


Do I Have A Food Intolerance?

A big reason people have a lot of water retention and bloatedness without warning is that they’re suffering from a food intolerance or sensitivity. These can affect individuals in different levels of severity depending on the specific sensitivity, food volume they eat and even their stress levels. The problem we have with a lot of sensitivities is that it takes from around 3 to 72 hours for one to show it’s ugly face (usually by adding bloat to your lovely face) therefore finding out which food causes it is hard unless you’re keeping a food diary or eating similar stuff each day.

If you have a sensitivity to some food then I would recommend working with a professional to find out what that actually is and to do an elimination diet or testing to help avoid some of the frustration involved around working through and restructuring your gut to deal with this ingredient. We can talk further if you require.


How Do I Lower My Stress Levels?

Stress is one of the biggest reasons you’re getting a fat face or face bloat, whatever you want to call it. You have certain amounts of stress stackers you can stack on top before your hypothetical Jenga tower will collapse and you take everything out on those closest to you which in turn causes more stress and higher cortisol will lead to a higher level of water retention all over the body.

Stress does come in many forms including the food intolerances adding to it along with the exercise and sleep levels which are being spoken about in this article however we can look at implementing certain things to manage the stress levels you are under. Things like meditation, breathing exercises, good food, adequate hydration levels, journalling, affirmations and putting things into perspective. 75% of what I do with clients is simply managing stress and has been known to help people drop fat without even switching their diet and exercise routine.


How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sleep is the biggest bain of our lives, well, some of us think it is but in reality it’s one of the quickest ways to allow yourself to recharge ready to take on the next day’s presentation without that bloated jawline and bags under our eyes.

Studies have shown that sleeping 6 hours or less for even just 2 weeks can age us hormonally by 10 years or more, that is a shocking statistic when we are at one of the busiest populations in history it seems and a lot of people have a side hustle on top of their regular job which requires work at the same time. It just involves awareness of what you’re using time for and maybe a little less binge watching Netflix.

I recommend getting into a good bedtime routine, switching off technology, don’t have alcohol in the evening, lower caffeine in the afternoon and getting a nice bath to make sure your body is primed to get the best quality sleep it can, and if you can help it don’t have the dog sleep on your bed (the struggle is real!)


Taking all these things into account will be the quickest and easiest way to set yourself up to quickly lose the fat face especially to get you ready for your presentations and keynote speaking events, if you need help implementing them then please message and we can see if you’re a fit to go through my Health Optimization program