If you stop stopping, you stop starting

Right now you’re here because let’s be honest, you haven’t found that secret sauce that works, the magic pill, there’s confusion and frustration because you’ve tried and quite frankly, you’re tired of failing…


Let me tell you now, it is NOT your fault, just like it isn’t the fault of the millions of other people in the same situation as yourself

The reason the diets you have tried have failed is not because of your willpower, I mean, each time you start you don’t begin thinking you’re going to quit, you actually want it to be the last time you start, right?

What actually keeps going wrong then?

5 Mistakes You HAVE To Avoid With Your Diet

  • Choosing a cookie cutter plan which hasn’t got personalized support and accountability
  • Looking to stick to methods which really aren’t sustainable for where you’re at right now
  • The diet is overcomplicates things and leaves out the basic foundations which work
  • Your plan doesn’t allow for special events or keeping progression moving on holidays
  • The diet which hasn’t taken into account the emotional side we all have called being a human (you are NOT a machine)

Imagine this…

You never have to start another diet ever again. You have so much freedom and confidence to know you actually already have the ability to master weight loss and be so confident in your own body it becomes infectious, all being completed without any complications.

Something isn’t working in the industry right now. We get told to ‘eat less and move more’ which quite frankly SHOULD work but if it does then why are so many people still out of shape?

The truth is that the industry likes taking your money and overcomplicating the basics

I will be straight with you…

Weight loss is simple BUT Weight loss isn’t always easy

Real life situations happen a lot, just springing up out of nowhere to trip you up you end up overthinking it, second guessing yourself and doubt you’re able to follow through. That social event, the vacations, business travel and then there’s the holiday season with your family, days in the office all added in with the emotions we feel as a human every single day.

Doesn’t mean you have to just accept you will make those mistakes over and over again.

The Revitalization Blueprint has been designed specifically to give you the best strategy for your body, your life, your situation in this very moment.

A clear, simple blueprint you can fall back on.

You CAN own your habits and get an effortless routine that brings you sustainable, long-term results.

Check out this video one of my clients recorded for me. She mentions all the points I talked about already…

It Was Too Late To Help My Dad – But I Can Help You

Let me help you take control of your health now, before it’s too late (because I’ve seen it happen)…

I’ve worked with elite level endurance athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and fitness competitors – but my motivation is closer to home.

My parents split when I was a child, and I didn’t see much of my Dad because he lived away trying to provide for his family.

And then he suddenly got taken into hospital with a migraine. But he suffered a stroke and passed away – all due to the stress he was under. I was just 15.

I wish I’d known then what I do now – I could have helped him live a healthier lifestyle and avoid a lot of the issues which contributed to his untimely death.

But instead of regrets, I chose action. My Dad’s passing made me determined to learn everything I could about optimising health, fitness, and longevity – for real people like you.

I reacted to my Dad’s death with emotional eating, and spent the next few years becoming more and more overweight, depressed, and unable to get a handle on what was happening to me. Those years gave me valuable insights into human behaviour and emotions. I was able to turn things around, dropping 100lbs and competing in bodybuilding shows several times.


You might not need to drop that much weight, and you probably don’t want to compete. But you will have your own backstory, with challenges to overcome. Let me help you – it’s never too late.

My Revitalization Blueprint allows me to help busy people get healthier, happier, and fitter (even if they have no time!) The bottom line is this: I want to prevent people dying before their time like my Dad did. Let me show you how to implement what works.

What’s actually included with your Transformation Blueprint? 

  • A meal plan specific to you with foods you like and ideas to put them into your day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Guidelines of how to switch foods around so when you are traveling you’re able to keep it working without getting bored and monotonous.
  • Support via email check-ins every two weeks where you give Ollie your progress and adjustments are made accordingly.
  • Foods you want and will work with your lifestyle
  • Training based around your lifestyle from 10 minutes a day and up.
  • Facebook group support with live Q&A sessions every 2 weeks.

The best thing?

I am going to go through it all with you so you can see in real time how a professional does it too.

What can I expect from my Blueprint? 

I want to talk to you for a second about your nutrition and training goals. So many questions get thrown up and it’s easy to be confused.

  • Should I go keto?
  • Should I fast?
  • Should I go low fat?
  • How much protein?
  • Am I eating the right foods for my body?
  • Should I do cardio?
  • Should I do weight training?

It’s easy to just get overwhelmed and stop.

Are you struggling, constantly changing your diet but still not actually getting anywhere?

(Believe me when I say I have tried ALL the diets to see if one works better than the other)

There’s a difference between guessing and knowing exactly what you need to eat and the perfect portions in order to move closer to your goals with every single meal you have – including those ones which include ice cream and a glass of vino! I am going to give you the Blueprint in order to never need to worry about the numbers again. (Except your clothing, I am putting a disclaimer that I am not responsible for you needing to buy new, smaller clothing as a result, sorry)

There are millions of foods out there, let me take the foods you love to eat and put them into a plan specifically designed for your body and goals. Basically you will eat the food you like, move the amount which works and get to your goals without the stress which comes through the guessing game. 

Let’s Go

Save $20/mo before end of year

Real Results. Real Fast


Let’s Go

Save $20/mo before end of year

Real Results. Real Fast

Customer reviews

This week has a milestone for me. I’ve actually lost 11lb since the start, you may think thats not a lot but to me it is.
Losing weight has been a huge struggle. I have tried many different methods, even to the point of where I would eat hardly anything!
6 weeks ago I had a chat with Ollie about my issues of not being able to lose weight. He told me he could get me to lose 10lb … I’d heard it all before but this was different. My sceptical self said don’t do it but my inner T said you need to do something. So I tried it!
First two weeks were hard. I persevered, with a lot of support and accountability… and I’m here.

Tracey A

Since working with Ollie I’ve found the drive and direction to go that extra mile and shift the last stubborn pounds, over 20 of them!  My diet is easier than ever and I’m better focussed in all I do.  I’d recommend Ollie to anyone looking to move forward in any area of their life, whether physique, diet, fitness or profession, they’re all linked and he helped link them up to all work in the same direction. I’m now fitter and stronger both physically and mentally and looking forward to improving my fitness further.


Let’s Go

Save $20/mo before end of year

Real Results. Real Fast

Q: How long should I follow the plan?
The plan is specifically designed for you to be able to follow for as long as you desire, building up a bank of knowledge along the way to be able to switch foods in and out along with the training guidelines to keep your body from adapting and results stalling. We advise to continue for three months at least with the accountability that will come and this is agreed when you sign up, after that it’s just four weeks noticed needed.
Q: What if I don’t have a high budget for food?
Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many ways to get the price down but we find the methods used within the plan allow you to save a lot of money on snacks and unnecessary items when you are out meaning overall there is actually more food and less outgoings for you.
Q: What if I don’t have a gym membership?
We have training plans which are designed for you at home and at the gym, when you sign up you will be taken to a page where you will download a questionnaire, from here you can tell us the time you will have to train, equipment available and the preferences you have, it is all designed for you as an individual.
Q: I am really busy, will it work?
The training is from 10 minutes a day, you don’t need a lot of time, the meal prep can be done in bulk and personally I hate spending a lot of time preparing meals so as the weeks go on we will have more and more content built up in the Facebook Lives to show you how to get your food prep and sessions done swiftly, so yes, it will 100% work for you.
Q: Is this available worldwide?
Yes, 100%! There are people already around the world benefitting from the plans from US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Australia, India, China and even more places, the methodology is similar throughout and dietary requirements are taken into account within the questionnaire.
Q: I am vegan, will this work?
Yes, we have vegan’s on the plan, it’s designed for the individual, we may include more supplement recommendations for you if this is the case.
Q: I have intolerances can I still take part?
Believe me when I say I know 100% how you feel, I was diagnosed celiac and it was horrible. We can cater for this, but remember it is guidelines and to make sure you take note of ingredients within the packaging and restaurants you may eat at to keep 100% certainty these ingredients aren’t included in your meals.

Let’s Go

Save $20/mo before end of year

Real Results. Real Fast