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Some words from my most successful clients

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs hit a breaking point and realize they aren’t as healthy as they need or want to be for their business and more importantly for their family.

Many continue to get in worse shape every year because they focus their efforts, as well as spending small fortunes on “quick fixes” rather than long-term solutions… especially when they allow business to take over their time, mental energy, and essentially their entire life.

Some eventually find their way to more customized solutions that are designed for the entrepreneur lifestyle.

These solutions, that I provide, help them become the healthy husband and fit father they want to be for their families. 

Instead of giving me an “impossible” program, Ollie asked me… “Could you give me ten minutes?”

Rick Barker

Taylor Swift's Manager

I’m fortunate to report that a couple of years ago I hired the BEST fitness coach on the plant.

His name is Ollie OJay Matthews.

Ron Reich

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From 165 lbs and 25.6% BF to 151.7 lbs and 23.8% BF in just over 2 months.

Thanks to Ollie J Matthews

Eddys Velasquez

I don’t want to work out 5 times a week — I have a life, thank you.

And I’d rather die early than torture myself eating bland, boring, tasteless meals for the rest of my life.

So enter Ollie J Matthews

John R Pagulayan


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