Using Psychedelics To Unlock Your Full Potential WIth Rosie Peacock

by Aug 3, 2020Podcast

OJay Health Radio With Rosie Peacock



Today’s guest on the podcast is Rosie Peacock (@IAMROSIEPEACOCK) the amazing person behind Conscious Enterprise LTD.

Rosie has an amazing story going from being a burnt-out teacher, traveling on a journey of yoga and finding herself becoming the person she is today with her super successful coaching business. To describe her as just a business coach would be selling her short and you’ll see why once you’ve checked out the podcast.

We go deep into the powerful but yet sometimes controversial subject of psychedelics and how it can impact your life in a positive way just like it has with Rosie. Alongside how we actually take responsibility for where we are at, going from a state of depression to being truly enlightened ready to take on the world in a way that you just have an overwhelming purpose to serve people in a way they need more than ever.

It truly is a powerful episode.

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Written by Ollie Matthews

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