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Thanks for signing up for coaching with Ollie Matthews.

Below you will find the links to the questionnaires and information to fill out in order for us to get the best possible results with the coaching we are undertaking.

 All the records are kept in password protected folders to protect client confidentiality.

I look forward to working with you.


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NEW CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE – This is self explanatory and get’s all the basic information for your records. Please download the file, fill it in and email me a copy to ollie@ojayhealth.com

Other Information

Here are a couple other things to help us get the best possible results and the best information down in order to create your plan.

My Fitness Pal – You can download the app from the app store if you don’t already have it, I would suggest logging your food for at least 3 days and then as you continue in order to make the tracking process as easy as possible log your food for consistency and better results, it will allow us to really see what is going on, there will be days you don’t that’s just being human, I log about 50% of the time and if I want to tighten up I do it about 80% of the time.

Add me as a friend on there – ‘OJay1986’ and if you goto ‘Settings>Diary Settings>Share With Friends’ I will be able to see your diary as and when needed to look at what you’ve been eating (just knowing I have access has previously made people way more accountable) 

Before Pictures – I know this isn’t just about transformation but I want you to send me before pictures, it helps with progression as your physique changes so takie front, side and back ones then email them over to ollie@ojayhealth.com , they get stored in a password protected file and won’t be used for marketing unless you agree once you have your awesome after picture and success story. 

Glucometer – I highly recommend grabbing a blood glucose metre as we will be talking about checking your readings throughout our work and withing the roundtable calls.

Testing Strips – Again making sure you get extra testing strips

Lancets – Grab some of these for spares too.

Freestyle Libre 2 – A constant glucose meter if you wanted to test your glucose this way, a little more expensive but you don’t need to prick your fingers with this, just put it on the arm and scan every few hours whilst you’re using a sensor, each sensor lasts for 2 weeks.

Please note: these are Amazon affiliate links and there are a few different metres so if you prefer another one I just recommend getting a bluetooth one for ease of tracking

Lastly, please join the Facebook group in order to get access to the Zoom links for the Roundtable calls, share your wins and ask extra questions throughout your coaching experience with OJay Health

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