Why Dropping Calories Won’t Work

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Why Dropping Your Calories Won't Work

Hey, welcome to another live here with myself Ollie Matthews.

Now we have many, many people telling you how to improve your health. But I think there’s a massive differentiation between improving your health and improving your fitness, especially when it comes to what a lot of people look for now believe or not.

When people improve their health, they aren’t just talking about weight loss, but we have this simple equation that if we eat less than we actually take in or burn more than we take in all the different things, then we’re going to lose weight. And that is simple mathematics.

When we look at your bank balance, if you spend more than you’re earning, then you go into, get into debt and we want that calorie debt, that deficit in order to actually lose weight, simply burning more fuel than we consume.

However, what happens when this does not work because we have a lot of people and sometimes I’ve seen fitness professionals say it’s just calories in versus calories out.

Yes. We want that to be that simple. That is the goal for it to be that simple. But what happened to those clients when it does not work and this may be yourself.

And first off we have to look at that.

Are you actually miscalculating the amount you’re eating?

Are we snacking without realising, are we having more calories than we aren’t realizing?

So maybe that calories in versus calories out equation actually is the wrong equation that you’re working with because you think you’re eating less than you are.

So that’s one thing we need to cross that off and look at the compliance side of things.

But a lot of people that I work with with the stressed out individuals, especially that I work with a lot of people that are over 35.

That’s stressed out that I’ve got kids that have got a very, very demanding job at the same time.

The calories in calories out factor is not working right now.

Now my goal is a practitioner. Is to get you through all these six steps. I’m going to go through to that six step where the calories in versus calories out is going to simply be maintenance and weight loss becomes so easy.

Energy becomes so good sleep becomes amazing and you just feel absolutely awesome.
And I want people to get there as quickly as possible, but I have to do a kind of reverse engineering approach here, looking from the top down as the same.

What actually is going on because we want that step six, that healthy maintenance, but nutrition is going to support your goals. Nutrition is going to be easy to do.

You’re not going to have all these cravings. You’re not going to have this fatigue. And we just constantly regenerate and renew our health.

But in order to get there, we have to go through the other five steps. The fifth one being ourselves have to work effectively. If we don’t look at effective cellular health.

And that our cells are working right. And there’s a lot of toxicity causing damage to these cells. We’re not going to get to the healthy maintenance.

Now we go further before that to step number four, and that is making sure our body can detoxify and eliminate a lot of the toxins because without.

We want to get to healthy maintenance.

We can’t get there without being able to have healthy cells. We can’t get to healthy cells without step four, being able to detoxify.

And we can’t get to the position where we’re able to detoxify without being a number free step for you is that we have a good filtration and drain it system.

Meaning we can get these toxins in our body and we can remove them, or we can push them to the place where we’re able to remove them to detoxify them.

Now we can’t get to that place where we’re able to filter and drain our system. If we don’t have good digestion and very good digestive support, if we have good gastrointestinal health and then we need to make sure that in order to get that we get the right foods in to nourish the organs and then.

Even then before then there is no way we are going to have good digestive support, good digestive health. If we haven’t got good support for our neurological system, where we look at our neuroendocrine system and how our brain works.

Because that essentially is the control room of our whole entire body is going to send signals to organs that produce hormones to produce neurotransmitters, to make us feel good, to make us sleep better and all these different things.

But what I get so frustrated is that when people have been pushed into certain places, when it comes to people that have looked to honestly really improve their health, It’s happened three times this year already that people have told me that people that have worked with in the past.

I’ve just said they aren’t following the plan.

And they are adamant they’re following the plan.

They are counting their calories.

They are counting the food.

They are being really strict with the work they’re putting on.

But this stage of healthy maintenance of calories in versus calories out is not working for them.

And in fact, one person got dropped by the coach she was working with, and I honestly, I’ve now spent.

A few hours with her on different calls. And I honestly think she is, but I may be wrong, but honestly, I think she is definitely following the guidelines that she was set up before. There was so much frustration there. And another client that I’ve been working with for three months has been like stuck.

She got totally stuck, spent thousands on testing. And she was going from expert to expert medical expert, different trainer to a nutritionist, told all these different things.

At one point she was doing a diet that was the 800 diet. Which is exactly what it says on the tin 800 calories a day was pushing hard in the gym because more and more stress on her body, which was causing more and more anxiety, which has caused a more and more hormone imbalance, more and more neurotransmitter problems with the connectivity there.

So her dopamine, her serotonin things that are going to make us feel calm and actually just chilled out, but they weren’t being produced correctively in the wrong amounts. And after working with her and we said, look, we’re going to step back number a lot of times, you’ll see this with the clients I work.

If you ever work with me, chances are you are going to have to slow down to speed up. So when people are going hard, hard, hard at the gym or doing it sessions, we usually will cut back on those because we want to lower those stress systems on your body.

All those signals that are pushing your stress. If you’re waking through the night to go to the toilet, we want to get you sleeping through the night.

Want to get you stopping, having that anxiety attack. We want to get you stopping, being worried, tweet about your health and get that confidence up.

Get your energy up. Remove that brain fog. Remove the underlying anxiety, the depression, the low moods, and those cravings by getting these other systems right.

So, yes, we want to get you to a point where you are able to maintain so easily. And when I say maintain that includes weight loss, or just improving your health as you go along, but maintaining in a different way that, so we get to this healthy maintenance stage to get there. We have to have good cell.

Yet, to get to good cellular health we have to have good detoxification system and eliminate elimination of the factors that are causing the problems to get there.

We have to have good filtration and drainage systems to get there. We have to have good digestion and to get to that good digestion, we have to have good brain health.

Now it sounds very overwhelming, but you definitely, definitely can get that. If you work through these systems. But the more you keep pushing because of the people that are selling you this 90 day transformation to smash your health, to lose these 20 pounds, 30 pounds.

I absolutely have seen people go up that amount of weight by going this route at the moment.

But the more you actually do these things, it’s like banging your head against a brick wall. And it’s the definition of insanity to dry the same thing over and over again.

The more people fall off, the more people get frustrated. Honestly, if you need any help with this stuff, drop me a message. And we can take you through these six steps to get you to that sixth one as quickly as possible, just to release you from the frustration that I’m feeling.

Day in, day out, when people tell me that…

‘Ollie I’ve tried dieting. I don’t like it. I feel tired. I keep falling off. It’s not for me’

Well, this is going to be for you.

I look forward to speaking to you.

Have a great day.

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