3 Steps To Melt The Moobs For Good

by Sep 7, 2018Fat Loss

If you have ever been overweight as a male you know the scenario, t-shirt in the summer and you have sweat patches not just under your arms, not just on your lower back but under your boobs too, it’s not the nicest thing and certainly not the most attractive let alone good for confidence.

I remember back in the day this was a game changer, one of the reasons I kicked myself into gear to drop nearly 100lbs and start the journey which has lead me to becoming one of the world’s most successful online coaches for busy guys like yourself. Walking past the mirror, I caught a glance at myself, it wasn’t pretty and it was staring there right in my face, I hadn’t even got the chance to get sweaty but straight out of bed somehow the moobs has their own sweat patches looking like a mirage on the horizon of the Sahara, only these were real, something had to be done.

Most of the time we look for a miracle solution, it’s the world we live in and we are marketed to every single day different ways to drop the fat quickly, detox, fast and many other unsustainable methods which won’t melt the man boobs for good. The root of the problem is that it’s happened over time, not over night and definitely not even over the course of a week.

What can you do to change things?

Developing the mindset that you can change things is crucial here, don’t expect the world to change overnight, you’ll fall off multiple times but moving forwards will get these man boobs melted eventually. Some people get overwhelmed but I always remember this one thing I was told in music college when I was worried about performing before Jazzy Jeff and getting signed.

‘How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time’

OK I didn’t get signed but I did switch my mind up and lost nearly 100lbs in the following months getting me onto the path I am today.


Strength Training:

This is going to be crucial for you dropping the weight and where a lot of people go wrong, instead they will just jump on a treadmill melting away muscle tissue with minimal fat leading to high levels of frustration along with failure in the process.

Getting to the gym 3 times a week will drastically improve your chances of dropping those man boobs, focusing on compound exercises which target multiple muscles such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, military press and rows will help you get in and out without too much taken out of your daily schedule.

I would suggest hiring a coach in order to make sure you are doing the correct form and avoid injury here, it’s also great for motivation.


Consistency With Food:

Food, we love it, we hate it, it loves us, it doesn’t love us but we need it. The problem here is that most people aim to get perfection with their dietary needs which ends up leading to long term frustration along with falling of in major ways, this is where I went majorly wrong.

We need to know what we are eating and while people will tell you to eat ‘intuitively’ which is fine, you should know how much a portion size is and looks like in order to continue intuitive eating going forwards, to do this I recommend weighing out your food for a couple of months where you consciously make a note in your mind what the portion sizes look like both on the fork and on a plate.

Another thing to note here with food is that it is consistency over time – I love nachos, I don’t have them every day – I will have times when social events happen, celebrations, date nights and even when we goto the cinema I always grab a large popcorn (UK large not US large, wow they are something else) and this is fine, try as much as possible to stay as on point when you’re not at these events, eating in a calorie deficit (burn more calories than you eat) will allow you to bank the extra calories for when these occasions happen.



No other way around this one, get accountable and you will get better results, in fact a study shows you will get 95% better results just by hiring someone to keep you on plan, make you check in and be accountable, it’s not just marketing.

There are many forms of accountability and I have always found in all areas from business, mind and my health, I’ve had the best results when I have paid someone to tell me what to do and when to do it, then report in that it has been completed.

One form is to have a training partner or accountability buddy, literally someone with similar goals as yourself which you can connect with regularly and make sure you’re both doing what you say you’re going to do, also at the gym you are less likely to miss a session if you know you’re going to be meeting someone there. You can also get into an accountability group which is similar to having a partner but you meet up and go through the work you’ve done, set the goals followed by how you’re going to achieve them.

There’s another form of accountability which people don’t always think to go for straight away, a reverse bet. I have done this successfully with clients and friends in the past either with money or with a picture they hate and the threat if the results aren’t met because they’ve not stuck with the plan then the picture gets posted over social media. The bet with money is a big one, you get a lump of money you’ll miss and give it to someone who will keep you accountable, from there it’s simple, you do the work and get the results you receive the money back, if you don’t then they get to keep it OR you give it to some charity and even better a company or organisation you may not like, this gives you a massive kick.

There you have it, three of the quickest ways to melt those man boobs rather than just going for the latest fad diet you’re just either going to fall off or just end up a smaller version of yourself because you’ve melted the muscle not the boobs. If you need any further help on this then you know where I am www.revitalizationblueprint.com/letstalk

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