The Key To Fat Loss Success

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Fat loss is all the rage, we hear it every single day

‘I want to lose 20lbs’

‘I am going to drop a dress size’

‘I want my pants to fit better’

That’s 100% cool but the amount of people who actually succeed with their fat loss compared to those who start is minimal, for example ‘Weight Watchers’ who we have all heard of has a rough success rate of around 6% which is very loosely measured considering it’s classed as a success to be under an ‘obese’ BMI and also stay there for a certain time in Weight Watcher’s eyes, considering some people only need to lose a couple of pound to get there you can see how these numbers get manipulated – that’s not even taking out the people who would have lost the weight due to certain disease such as cancer – it makes you realise how much the odds are stacked against you when you want to lose fat right?!

Well here’s the thing I work with when I take on a client, we don’t just settle to ‘lose 20lbs’ we need to make sure we know how we are going to get there.

Remember when you said you have something to do and you will ‘add it to the list’? 9 times out of 10 you haven’t even got a list and are getting overwhelmed with how much you actually have to do when in reality it isn’t as much as you think, that’s the same with weight loss.

Know what you want to get, why you want to get there and how you’re going to feel when you’re there.

Find out how long you want to take to get there.

Find out what you need to do and how it will work with your lifestyle.

Get accountability and put in the work.

It really can be that simple.


How Do I Set My Goal?

Let’s take a 10lbs loss for example – and I am using that thing called science here we have something called the ‘real world’ which I will get into in a bit.

1lb of fat is approximately 3500 calories so in order to lose 1lb a week we need to burn an extra 3500 from fat – simple, right?

Set your goal for the time frame, let’s keep it simple here, 10 weeks, 1lb a week. You’re currently eating and maintaining on around 2500 calories if you’ve been counting and track you will know what you’ve been maintaining on roughly, cut the intake by 500 calories per day.

That’s not even changing your caloric output by more movement or anything I am simply keeping it simple here.

We have a goal – 10lbs loss in 10 weeks and know it requires 500 calories extra burnt each day.

Now you set up your food based on 2000 calories

3 Meals – 500 calories each

2 Snacks – 250 calories each

This is where preparation comes into play a little bit and that real world thing I spoke about.

I would recommend an app like MyFitnessPal in order to track your food for those times when you need to eat out or you’re traveling and have no time to plan ahead, you can simply scan bar codes in and adjust going forward, it really can be that simple.

Sometimes you will find you need to increase your output – simply take more steps.

Sometimes you will find you need to drop the calories a tiny bit more – simply goto about 600 calorie deficit each day, it really can be that simple.

All these diet techniques and methods we see marketing professionals bragging about and supplement companies trying to get you to buy into are all making use of this one thing we have mentioned in here – a caloric deficit.

Now the biggest part if you haven’t noticed it much more important than the deficit, it is simply planning and working through your goals, have a plan, think it through and implement.

I guarantee you will succeed with your fat loss if you do this.

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